The Webcomic Overlook #35: VG Cats

Last week, while preparing my daily ration of spaghetti with sauce, it struck me that I was ignoring, for the most part, a fairly large genre in webcomics. (I don’t suggest doing this, by the way, unless you want more than your fair portion of garlic salt in your artichoke sauce.) I suddenly became aware that this site was mainly catering to the indy comics of webcomics (which, for all practical purposes, can be argued as the new independent comic book scene). I suppose it shouldn’t have bothered me, but it did. It reminded me of some online publications about independent comic books. They writers would prattle on at length about the latest great comic about a disaffected youth orsymbolic flight of fantasy or what have you. What they refused to talk about were superhero comics.

Perhaps the reviewers felt that they were too mature. Superheroes are, after all, childish power fantasies. Spandexed adventurers were no longer interesting unless presented in a brutally ironic way. Why review GI Joe vs. Transformers when you could be reviewing Jimmy Corrigan or White Rapids? You don’t see fantasy novel reviewers covering Dragonlance; they’re reading Gormenghast or Perdido Street Station. (What’s this? Did I just set the record for most nerd references in one paragraph? Sweet! 100 points for Gryffindor!)

Still, the number one reason anyone of any age steps into a comic book store is to see what Batman or Iron Man or Wolverine are up to. To turn a blind eye to them seems blissfully ignorant at best, and slightly arrogant at worst… especially since some of those superhero adventures can be surprisingly well written when attached to celebrated writers like Ed Brubaker or Grant Morrison.

I discovered that I’m guilty of the same thing here. For the most part, I champion fairly obscure strips like Horribleville, Scary Go Round, and Savage Chickens, while largely ignoring the reigning webcomic genre: the gamer comic. I suppose I could theorize that, really, the reigning genre also goes beyond typical tags to include xkcd and Dinosaur Comics in a massive uber-category of “Nerd Pride Comics” … but that’s just arrogant. And the only thing I’m ever comfortable being arrogant about is the quality of my spaghetti sauce.

Anyway, The Webcomic Overlook prides itself at being a review site for the common man. A f***ing William Jennings Bryan of webcomics, if you will. Ignoring these gamer comics makes me look like a snooty indy reviewer … and frankly I don’t have the ironic gold, silk-screened T-shirt and snazzy pinstripe fedora to pull the look off.

While gamer comics have lost some of their luster recently, they still boast a fairly large readership. Penny Arcade and Ctrl+Alt+Del are still two of the most widely read comics on the internet. Today’s Webcomic Overlook examines a third chart topper, which smartly throws another internet favorite into its already potent cocktail of video game jokes: anthropomorhic cats.

Today, I review Scott Ramsoomair’s VG Cats (short for Video Game Cats).

Whew! Now that was a long intro! Are you still here? Because if you need to go somewhere … hey, it’s just a webcomic review. I totally understand.

According to T. Campbell’s Alexa & Compete-based rankings, VG Cats easily places in the top 10 of most widely read webcomics. And this list, mind you, includes print comic superstars, like Dilbert and Peanuts, and the internet meme repository, I Can Has Cheeseburger? (Groan.) Suffice to say, despite its sporadic updating schedule, VG Cats has joined PA, CAD, and PvP in the Hall of Fame of Gamer Comics.

VG Cats also won its share of WCCA’s, which, I understand, is basically a popularity contest. It impressively won the Outstanding Gaming Comic Award in 2005 and 2006, and, less impressively, the Outstanding Use of Color Award in 2005.

I will no go on to explain why the WCCA’s are terrible at telling you whether a comic is any good.

The comic a primer for anyone unfamiliar with the standard gamer comic tropes. They’re as standard as capes on a superhero or oversized swords in a Japanese fantasy epic. If the webcomic artist forgets any of these, they either get their gamer comic license revoked. Or, if they’re lucky, maybe they’ll be celebrated in the brave new world of “alternative gamer comics,” pushing edgy new ideas that push the boundaries of cool. But, you know, that never happens.

The Immutable Rules of Gamer Comics:

All gamer comics have to talk about the console wars. This is a grand tradition that stems from the great Nintendo vs. Sega debates that raged in the 1980’s, and currently gamers like to align themselves between the big three: the Microsoft X-Box, the Sony Playstation, and the Nintendo Wii. Any real animosity between companies is non-existent these days since each console now caters to different types of consumers and most of the big games are available on all consoles anyway. But hey, don’t let that get in the way of some quality muckracking!

Gamers like to fight each other over this admittedly trivial division because a) they’re too young to care about politics, or b) they’re old enough to understand politics, but giving a crap severely cuts into gaming time. (This also results in half-baked political opinions, by the way, that sorta make me want to support any proposition that’s anti-VG Cats) So where do you direct all your aggression? Ultimately a debate over whether Brand X is better than Brand Y. Frankly, we can get into a discussion of who gamers get so passionate about the subject, but hey, nothing in the gamer subculture ever makes sense.

It’s also common for gamer comics to anthropomorphize the consoles. VG Cats goes one step further and brings the fight to the handhelds! Oh, that pathetic N-Gage! Seriously, there just aren’t enough N-Gage jokes.

Now, I’ll give Ramsoomair some credit: he does acknowledge that there really isn’t a platform superiority any company can claim. Attaboy, Scott! You came this close to getting that gamer comic license revoked, but … hey, you did us proud, son.

Gamer comics all do parodies of popular video games. Let’s face it, without video game caricatures, no one would be reading gamer comics. You know those caricature cartoonists that have kiosks at malls or state fairs? Gamer comic artists do the same thing, only with lisenced video game characters. After all, why develop your own characters when you can draw in readers by showing Solid Snake rape a sleeping guy? And there will always, always be a “Your princess is in another castle” spoof from the original Super Mario Bros.

(I’ve always wondered how webcomics, inevitably aimed at pre-teens and teens, never fail to re-enact a scene from a 23 year old game. Gamers have a notoriously short attention span; how do they remember this classic bit? The I remembered that Nintendo has been re-releasing the original Mario on every platform, most recently a remix of the original on the Nintendo DS. Ah, Nintendo, you mad geniuses you!)

You’d think that with the literally hundreds of games released every year, there would be limitless opportunities for gags. You’d be wrong. Gamers must all play the exact same things, because it’s always about Mario, Sonic, Link, and Halo. Do you gamers there want to guess what the latest obsession is? If you said Portal, give yourself a nice, warm cookie. Ramsoomair surprised me again, though: his Portal jokes are probably the best part of VG Cats. I mean, his Flash video of the ending theme wasn’t half bad.

It’s not a gamer comic unless you’ve got tons of jokes about decapitations, disembowelments, and peeing. Attention, Congressional committees: if you’re still looking for evidence that video games are corrupting the youth, look no further than your average video game comic. Or better yet, look no further than VG Cats. I may not be completely convinced about the link between video games and violence, but this comic should provide you with more than enough circumstantial evidence!

Here’s a sampling of some “punchlines”: disproportionate violent response. Sodomy. Date rape. Hobos. Flatulence. Sexual interpretations of official titles. Gay Jokes. Abuse to women. Bodily fluids. More bodily fluids. Poop. Parodies of 300.

Hey, remember when these jokes were funny? That’s right … grade school! When all you had to do was say a swear and the little girls covered their mouths and started giggling!

I’m not saying that the above topics can never be a topic of humor, and certainly not like the puritan rubes Ramsoomair seems to envision his critics to be. Let’s compare this sort of mentality to today’s premiere peddler of juvenile humor: South Park. I seem to recall an episode where a statue of Mary started bleeding anally. The town declared it a miracle, which prompted the Pope to make a visit. Now, the merits over the humor of the episode can be debated. My point, though, is that the punchline involved the gullibility of crowds, a dig at stodgy Catholic traditions, and — yes — the immature chuckles over rectal bleeding.

What’s the punchline in VG Cats? Frankly, it never gets farther than “A bleeding anus! Ain’t that hilarious?” And that’s what really gets my griddle about this comic. It’s just so … lazy.

“But wait, El Santo,” you say, “what about the cats? The title is VG Cats, and the logo has a fluffy cat tail! I am a cat fan and I do love the cats!” Well, I’m sad to say that the cats are really non-characters. Leo (the grey one) and Aeris (the pink female one) are basically just there to whine and complain about video games. In a way, that makes them extensions of Mssr. Ramsoomair’s personality (more on that later). For what it’s worth, I think they’re nice character designs. Ramsoomair’s artwork is decent, and he does a nifty job on facial expressions.

If Scott decided to devote an entire series to the antagonistic relationship between a town idiot and a gal who’s permanently pissed off, I think the series would do just fine. You can’t go wrong with that combination. I mean, it worked for Laurel and Hardy. However, if you’re a big cat fan, I’d like to suggest Lackadaisy, which is heavy on the cat and light on the puerile jokes.

Scott, by the way, makes an appearance in his own comic as Pantsman. Get this: he, like, wears pants … on his head! Hardcore! And he parodies overexposed viral videos starring David Hasselhoff! Oh my God, this is so funny! Oh, man, with this level of unadulterated wackiness Pantsman might just give Captain Underpants a run for his money (available from Scholastic Books, recommended reading age 5 to 12).

Now this might sound like I’m piling on Mssr. Ramsoomair. To tell you the truth, I’m actually a little jealous. Marketers pay big money to determine what makes today’s young people tick. But all they really have to do is ask Scott Ramsoomair. He’s got his finger on the pulse.

For the life of me, I can never understand why kids go to watch Epic Movie or Meet the Spartans. Scott knows. He delivers the same sort of “risque,” pop-culture laden humor. I’m going to have to throw the towel. Hey, I’m a man, and real men admit their failings. I’m an old fogey long out of touch with the youth of America. I can never relate to VG Cats‘ primary audience: excitable pre-teens, easily amused teens, and creepy old men who hang around elementary schools.

However, that won’t stop me from prattling on… because that’s what old fogeys do, and because I owe the (hopefully more mature) readers of Webcomic Overlook my honest take of VG Cats. What do I think of this comic? It is an unyielding buffet of loathesomeness. Sure, it’s funny in places, but those tiny moments are deep-sixed by waves and waves of terrible, unfunny, and headache inducing gags.

Hey, I have nothing against gamer comics. The Webcomic Overlook gave high marks to both Awkward Zombie and 8-Bit Theater. However, the fact that VG Cats is one of the most read webcomics does no favors to the already low reputation of gamers as smelly, socially inept, misogynistic little dorks.

Huh. I guess this crotchety little rant of mine has completed my transformation from a champion of the common man into an elitist indy comic fan.

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Rating: 1 star (out of 5)

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Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. “I will no go on to explain why the WCCA’s are terrible at telling you whether a comic is any good.”

    I would like to hear a rant about this in another post 🙂 – I am not familiar with the “awards” process…

  2. In a nutshell, the voters are anyone with a webcomic ( You create a lot of issues if the voters are all webcomic creators, who, it can be assumed, have friends and alliances among the webcomic community. Other issues are listed in a fairly detailed wikipedia entry.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think that, at this moment, there’s a better system of determining which webcomics deserve an award. The Harveys and the Eisners have more knowledgeable panels, but they’re largely ignorant of webcomics.

  3. BTW – Regarding “This is a grand tradition that stems from the great Nintendo vs. Sega debates that raged in the 1980’s,”

    I think you meant 1990s – (without the apostrophe) – I do not recall the Nintendo vs. Sega becoming really hot in NA until the 1990s when it was the SNES vs. Genesis. I’m not sure when Europe’s Sega vs. Nintendo started, though.

  4. Hmm… I guess you’re right. I seem to remember some Nintendo vs. Sega debates during the “Altered Beast” days, but the version I might be thinking of may be the Genesis version, not the one on the Master System. But yeah, the bulk of the rivalry was during the SNES/Genesis days.

  5. I like your quote about Scott Ramsoomair having, “. ..his finger on the pulse.” I’m surprised that marketers really haven’t taken advantage of this. Ramsoomair’s ontogeny has given slow, steady and certainly not spurious growth to this phenomenon of brainwave tapping creating a phantasmagoric phylogeny.
    On a more specific basis, your review is wide ranging and makes some germane points- bit what is the reference for 1 out of 5?. I feel like Rodin’s Thinker now.
    Ease my pain…

  6. I thought it was encapsulated in one of my last paragraphs:

    “What do I think of this comic? It is an unyielding buffet of loathesomeness. Sure, it’s funny in places, but those tiny moments are deep-sixed by waves and waves of terrible, unfunny, and headache inducing gags.”

    In other words, while I can understand why people enjoy it, from my point of view (and from how I generally evaluate everything else on this site), I think it’s roughly equivalent to Applegeeks and not as good as Cheshire Crossing.

  7. Good article. It’s about time people started giving one-star reviews to garbage like VG Cats. There’s way too many of these ultra-popular, ultra-juvenile comics out there that rely on misogyny and gay panic jokes for their material. It’s pathetic. You’re supposed to grow out of that shit in elementary school, not make a long-running webcomic about it. F*ck you, gamer comics.

  8. Very eloquent response, Winston Rowntree. Nothing pleases the soul as a well thought out, thought provoking piece of writing

  9. Rowntree, I am aware that some “gamer comics” have misogny or have vibes of the trait.

    I don’t get that feeling from VG Cats, though. Oh, sure, much of the humor is juvenile and aimed at teenagers who want basic entertainment. It’s just that the Cooking Mama one seemed critical of Nintendo.

    He had an accompanying blog post and cited this: – So it was a “violence against women” comic that was a jab at Nintendo.

  10. Yeah, that Cooking Mama one seems critical of Nintendo, but there had to be a dozen ways of writing that joke without having the image of a woman with a black eye as the punchline. It’s that specific image that is so offensive to me. This is a society where violence against women is a much, much bigger problem than most people realize, so a comic like that just makes me angry and depressed. As do all the gay panic jokes. Is this not the 21st century? Have we not evolved past such “humor”? But you’re right–prejudice aside, comics like this are fine for teenagers who want basic entertainment. When I said “f*ck you, gamer comics,” I should have said “f*ck you, prejudice,” because that’s the real enemy here. I’d probably have loved gamer comics if there were any when I was 13 years old. But I’m not 13 years old any more.

  11. Yaoi Huntress Earth

    It’s stuff like this that makes me weep for the state of this planet when bad comics like this are so popular. I agree that it has a rare moment of humor, but most of the time I’m like “this is funny why?”

  12. Scary Go Round is obscure? Please research.

  13. Rowntree, after reading your post I bet you would just *hate* Shredded Moose. While I get mostly juvenile humor out of VG Cats (sometimes I think it is funny, but sometimes it just draws a blank – as in I don’t understand how the strip is funny) – Shredded Moose is just… ugh.

  14. Just so you know, Shredded Moose is on a special rating system with me. I loathe it so much that I refuse to review it. All it would do is give Brew some additional hits from curiosity seekers, and I’ll end this blog before I ever let that happen.

  15. Rowntree- Look up the meaning of “satiric.”

  16. I would suggest that inviduals reading this literate review by Webcomic Overlook also delve, even superficially, into the philosophical ramifiacation of the concept of parody. It is a complex notion and I believe that VG Cats simplifies it for lesser minds such as the one I possess. Or am I possessed?

  17. Also I believe that VG Cats should have “official” translations posted on the same web domain with a different URL (I.e. I do not know if Ramsoomair knows French but it would be interesting to see how a French Canadian translation would affect the humor. If he doesn’t want to do it himself he could hire someone or take a volunteer.

    If he needs to alter jokes (this may make some strips more palatable anyway) for a Quebec version then by all means he should do it.

  18. Also, El Santo, the VG Cats “animated series” ep: ? – It’s the only one made so far, and someone else made it with Ramsoomair’s permission.

    It stops midway and I haven’t seen a part 2…

  19. I’ve heard about this. (Or, rather, came across a reference while doing my research on the ‘kipedia.) I’ll have to check it out when I’m in a less Safe for Work environment, just for kicks (and to see how it compares to the PvP and CAD toons).

  20. Just checked out the toon. It was not the best.

  21. I’m not familiar with your opinions about PvP and CAD toons. How do the three (PvP, CAD, and VGCats) compare?

  22. You know, I probably should do a feature on this.

    Anyway, I’ve only seen very little of PvP, so I can’t really judge it too much. I’ve seen parts of CAD, too, online. It wasn’t stellar, but it wasn’t horrible. VGCats, though… that was a little tough to watch. I was struggling to pay attention by the time the policeman crashed through the window.

  23. So, the facial expressions are actually a double-edged sword. They’re clear and fun to look at, but they’ve sort of been boiled down into a handful of stock expressions.

    Worse, they seem like a crutch to cover Mr. Ramsoomair’s utter inability to depict body language. All of his characters are always standing ramrod straight, and the only real difference is that sometimes their hands are raised, and sometimes they are lowered.

    I haven’t read all the linked comics, but is there a single one where a character’s feelings would be clear without the face?

    The art of VGCats sort of becomes more infuriating the more you are exposed to it. It looks nice and polished on a cursory view, but the more you see the more you realise that Ramsoomair has a lot of work to do on the underlying structure.

    For that matter, the whole comic is that way; if you just see a few that people link to on a message board, it can seem pretty funny, but the more you read it, the more you start to see systematic problems with both the art and storytelling.

  24. VGCats is a love it or hate it comic for me. I love it, even when it gets more than a bit stomach churning. It’s kind of like the Family Guy of gamer webcomics – the fans love it, the critics loathe it and can’t understand why anyone in their right mind would worship it.

    I like it, though I also have to admit I never thought Samus was getting raped, just having a one-night stand she regretted in the morning. That happens to men and women. Unfortunately in gamer comics, this is not an easy distinction to make.

  25. Seems as though you editorialize more than actually review. As in the other one star review (apple geeks) focused on your hatred of macs, so does this seem to be a hatred of fans. You’ve actually liked the strip at one point. You’ve even posted about it. So the one star does confuse me. Seeing as you’ve given five star ratings to comics that you’ve conveyed… Need improvement.

  26. I suppose I should call this my reviewdetorializing, then. Besides, I think you have it wrong: I don’t hate Macs, for example. I am actually typing this out on a Powerbook G4. That’s just a little bit of color at the beginning of the review. Same in this case, too. I’m actually a bit of a gamer, and I’m not just snarking on the readers, I’m snarking on myself.

    If there’s any confusion over what I feel about VG Cats, I’ll put it together under a simple summary: a few of the strips make me laugh, but most (and I’d say 90%) were either not funny at all or made me rather disgusted that this is what passes for humor nowadays. I give Ransoomair the benefit of the doubt as an author because obviously a lot of people find puerile, referential sub-“Drawn Together” humor funny … just count me as someone in the equally sizable group of people who doesn’t.

    Hence — 1 star.

  27. Again you’re imposing your personal views too much on the subject. Which isn’t honest or fair review. It’s a personal opinion and a contradicting one at that. If something isn’t perfect then it shouldn’t deserve a five star rating and vice versa.

  28. Ah, but you see that’s the heart of it. It’s impossible to do a review unless a reviewer has a personal opinion.

    Media affects things on such an emotional level that personal views have to factor in to any review, whether it be music, movies, or comics. One reviewer, for example, may think that “Armageddon” is the most wonderful example of an action movie ever made, while another may think it’s brainless tripe. It boils down to personal views: each person has a different standard for what they perceive is quality.

    Are they, then, not allowed to make a judgment call on a movie based on their personal view? Are they to limit analysis on, say, a purely technical level? If that were the case, than the review suffers, because objective analysis — removing all personal opinion and focusing on, say, artistic merit or coloring or panel layouts — never paints the entire picture. What about purely subjective as storytelling or humor? Should I leave those out? But those are the reasons a webcomic even exists!

    Also, I would normally agree with your statement that “if something isn’t perfect, then it shouldn’t deserve a five star rating.” However, there is no such thing as a perfect webcomic. Then I’d have to explain to other readers why in the world I wasn’t giving anything a 5-star rating. It’s a damned if you do/damned if you don’t situation.

  29. I never said they should be thrown out all together. Quite the opposite. What I’m saying is all factors must be taken into consideration when creating a critique. There’s a healthy balance which is archived when done right. As such you do a tremendous disservice to yourself when your review is for the most part subjective.

    The thing about a subjective review is that it’s that nothing is gained from it. It’s a soapbox for you to rant from and not a critical analysis. Nothing is taken in by the reader or the comic being reviewed because it’s a personal opinion. Of which is different for everyone. So in the end is entirely useless.

    A review that takes in all aspects is a trusted one. You said, “There is no such thing as a perfect webcomic”. Well that’s all the more reason to be more careful when making your reviews. Reserve that five star for one that deserves it. I digress… You’re only reviewing webcomics which in that I guess speaks for itself. I hope you take this to heart.

    I give your reviews 2 out of 5 stars.

  30. Is that Scott R the one I’m thinking of? If so, for shame. If it’s a troll trying to make that impression, then that’s just really sad.

    Anyway, there’s no such thing as an “objective” review. Still, compare this to the profanity-laden insult fest that John Solomon wrote on the same comic and it’s obvious which one was a review and which one was a poor attempt at trolling.

  31. You know, I was thinking the same thing, too. I figured if it really was the Scott R you are thinking of, he’d be more obvious about it. Most of the creators visiting this site, whether I give them a good or negative review, usually either give their full name or make it rather clear who they really are (Ces M. of Medium Large, for example, states it up front). So it was either a different Scott or the Scott we are thinking of was toying with me.

    I suppose I could’ve gone to the VGCats forums to find out, but I didn’t feel like losing any sleep of it.

  32. Wow, bitter much?

    I am truly sorry that you were born without a sense of humour.

  33. Thank you for your concern. It’s one of the least understood afflictions.

  34. Wow, Why does this review remind me of some communist ranting about capitalism……Oh yeah, its about as close-minded as racism. I will say, not many of the comics are as funny as they would have been a few years back, some still have humor in them.

  35. Thanks! This blog has never been compared to a system of government before. Truly an honor!

  36. Making so many derogatory comments in a row one may come to the conclusion that this is not, in fact, an unbiased review of a popular webcomic iconic of a subculture, but the author’s mewling attempt to show just how indy-cool he is by rejecting everything that may be even remotely admired by the general public. Hey, here’s an idea: if you are so vehemently against something that you must constantly insult the supporters of it, rather than focusing on the actual technical quality of the work in question, why don’t you just NOT REVIEW IT? Or at least post your spew under the proper heading of “My Incredibly Slanted Opinion”. Prick.

    • Thanks! I’ve actually never thought of myself as “indy-cool,” but you put forth a good argument. Though … I have a feeling VG Cats isn’t as admired by the General Public as much as you think it is, if your definition of the General Public is the same as mine anyways.

  37. El Santo, I’d like to say that, while I love VG Cats, you make some very valid points about the not-so-admirable qualities of Scott Ramsoomair’s work. At the risk of sounding smarmy, it’s my opinion that you are an honest–and admittedly dry at times–critic of admirable merit, whose willingness to be civil and earnest, level of knowledge and wit, and all-too-passive nature make reading your reviews both an source of amusement and a fascinating insight into a more peaceful style of critique, with many great reading recommendations to boot. And thanks to you, I now have a more optimistic outlook on Sore Thumbs once again, and feel a lot more confident as a fan of Megatokyo; not to mention I’m not hooked on a number of the comics you reviewed. So thanks, El Santo. Thanks for being a good critic, and an all-around likable guy.

    By the way, have you ever heard of a guy named Mayu Zane? Aside from being highly talented in the fields of writing, humor, and artwork that combines cute, meaningful, and freaky, he has a number of smallish to steadily-growing comics (not published or on an official webcomic slot, but good all the same). One of these comics is a very charming fancomic series about the VG Cats, Leo and Aeris–along with cameos here and there so far from others–, and a zany-but-story-driven plot. Why am I telling you this? Because Mayu, like you and admittedly myself, find the chemistry between Leo and Aeris to be a potential goldmine of amusement (as well as light-hearted romance, but methinks that’s more his and my opinion than yours). So, I think you might want to sneak a peek at said comic in his deviantART gallery (as well as his other stuff in it), as it seems like it and his way of doing things seems much more like your cup of tea. His dA homepage/gallery can be found here, if you’re interested:

    Whoops, sorry for the tl;dr-ness of this comment. I kinda get carried away sometimes.

  38. *now. I meant I’m ‘now’ hooked on a number of the comics you reviewed.

  39. I stumbled upon this nonsense while searching for a few URLs to webcomics I used to read. I believe one of them was entitled, “Fallen.”

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that this so-called review is nothing but a slap in the face to the thousands of VGCats fans, especially those of us who are not gamers.

  40. Yeagh, I can’t STAND this comic. Scott’s comics are fucking terrible in art, execution, update time, humour, they are never recent, EVER, he relies on shitty “gamers lawl” jokes and references things he clearly has no idea about. He jumps on popularity bandwagons and hates things to be cool, and likes things to be popular. His style is a carbon copy of typical anime bullshit. He is a generally unlikable person, who has no taste in humour or not a special, unique, or interesting personality at all. His comics are soulless, shrewd attempts to seem cool and accepted.

    Another thing that fucking grinds me nerves about Scott is his fucking excuses. Just SAY you’re a lazy piece of shit drain on society, you little bitch. You don’t have to pretend that you lost a “script” to your comic. You’re not fooling anyone Scott. NO ONE believes you’re pathetic fucking charade that you actually go through a creative and inventive process. I love how he mocks casual gamers for jumping on the bandwagon, when he is basically the epitome of bandwagon hopping, always trying to be different, using shitty old gamer memes, you fucking hypocritical piece of shit. I swear to God if I ever saw this furry fucker at a con I would just charge his ass.

    I’ll admit I’m rigid, but realistically speaking, I find this to be the worst site on the history of the internet.

  41. I agree with a lot of this. Perhaps it’s just me, but I actually do enjoy a lot of the humor in VG Cats. A lot of it is just noticing the smaller things. Though I do agree that a lot of the humor is juvenile.

  42. Hmm. I think you might be a little harsh there, Isaac. Though I do agree that his laziness and lack of frequent updates are irritating.

  43. Okay, put me in the camp who used to read this webcomic for the cats. I say ‘used to’, because I’ve not really gotten a chuckle out of this comic in a long time and I discovered Lackadaisy thanks to this review. Not only is Lackadaisy objectively a far, far better webcomic than VGCats could ever dream of being, it has far better cats too.

  44. I am now twenty years old, not so far from twenty-one. When I was seven or eight I had my first real experience with video-games on PC’s and consoles. Since then I’ve played many types of genres in games and I will continue to do so many years from now.

    Do I relish in the fountain of blood of my slain enemies?


    Do I get an adrenaline rush when I pull off a 300 yards head-shot?


    Do I find self-satisfaction from systematically destroying my opponet’s army with superior strategies?

    Yes, very much so.

    How has video-games changed my life? Am I more violent now than any ‘normal’ person?

    No, but my boundaries in humor and morality have certainly been pushed beyond the regular limits. I can laugh at anything; Homosexuality, Race, Religion, Politics et cetera. I only have one single critiera the joke in question must meet: it must be satire. That’s why I find VG-cats hilarious, it crosses the limit and sometimes even offends (see the part with bloody fetus’). I laugh at the sheer daring and ridiculousness.
    Also much of the annoyance I may or may not gather during the day I get out of my system through playing video-games. Saying video-games make gamers violent is both ignorance and stupidity, not the other way around. Just like how I imagine some would-be rapists’ feel about masturbation (Sorry, I’ve always wanted to write that line). You get it out of your system through fantasy – in this case, playing video-games.

    I like this web-comic, actually I love it. It has good punch-lines (I’ve always felt Penny Arcade’s were a little too obscure or too vague to be amusing), it is very well drawn (Even compared to CAD and Penny Arcade) and the humor goes beyond the borders that I’ve spent so much time writing about already.

    Your review is incredibly biased, which alright as long as you’re actually aware of your predudice – or ‘knowledge’, the biased one would say. You obviously dislike the comic and it’s humor, which is of course your right. However, you also just basically stated that anyone liking this comic is an immature fool and that, good sir, makes you an incredibly bad reviewer. To effectively review something, you MUST be able to at least have an ounce of understanding of those who like the topic in question or those who differ. You do NOT understand me or my reasons for liking this comic, not even a little.

    To me it seems you wrote this without ever having played a video-game or dealt with other gamers, which is what the comic is about. I don’t care if you have, because I really can’t see it anywhere in the review.

    Isaac: Rage harder, would you? Use your adult words. It’s funny how you, and I quote: “if I ever saw this furry fucker at a con I would just charge his ass”, hate him for making something that’s both free and not obligatory. Every argument for that Scott’s humor is immature and crude because of rude language instantly fails when you rant like that (other than making you look like a moronic ten-year-old, of course).

    – Matian

    • WTF man, VG cat’s is horrible.

      Even when it makes fun of stupid shit and “crosses the limits” it’s still one of the most god awful comics out there. For god sakes, No Pink Ponies has made me laugh more than VG cats ever did.

      I was once a fan of VG cats, I once to relished in the fact that it crossed lines. WHEN I WAS 15! You are suppose start to realize what is good and what isn’t when you get older, but apparently that hasn’t happened with you yet. I’m friggin’ 17 and I know VG cats is a pile of lame smut. THE MAN’S WIFE IS FUNNIER THEN HIM AND HER COMICS ARE PILES OF STEAMING TURDS. For the love of god man grow up and don’t be such a man child.

      also about the furry fucker thing. How the hell are you chastising this man for using curse words for shock value and then saying “I like VG cats, it’s immature and offensive, hurp durp” that’s like saying that you’re a republican and then yelling at someone for putting a republican bumper sticker on their car. “It makes you look like a moronic ten-year-old” well what the hell does liking VG cats with it’s constant swearing and potty jokes make you? a bigger one?

      you sir are a hypocrite.

      • Jackson:
        The reason I chastised Isaac was because he was actually talking about assaulting Scott Ramsoomair just because Scott is a bad updater. That might have been in jest, but I still found it unacceptable. Maybe I took it too seriously, but it really was a bad argument…

        Anyway, I also chastised him because he had too use so many cursewords in his arguments, just like you do actually. Personally I don’t care if anyone find cursewords funny or not, but I do care if you can’t argue without them. It’s annoying to be cursed at and it makes you sound immature, hence the “makes you look like a moronic ten-year-old”

        Votsue Vimm:
        Damn! It’s been too long and I can’t find the correct passage in the review to support my claim.
        Needless to say that wasn’t the connotation I got, but I see your point now.

  45. Matian said: “However, you also just basically stated that anyone liking this comic is an immature fool and that, good sir, makes you an incredibly bad reviewer.”

    Matian, I didn’t get that connotation from the review. What he meant was that “oh, there’s an audience for it, and I applaud Ramsoomair for finding it, but I personally do not like it.”

    And every review is subjective in some way.

  46. Its a comic guys, for one, reference of video games kinda tells us that he’s listening to what fans, players and even possibly game producers say about their own stuff or possibly others. Its pretty much called giving credit when credit is due and another thing, the story about the cats is that Aeris, the microsoft/sony gamer and Leo, the hardcore nintendo player, despite as friends, have different personalities and random adventures. But like music, everyone has their own taste, and no one music or comic sucks, its just that you don’t like the style and I for one think its funny on both a random and gamer as well as a political level, and me being 17 doesn’t make a difference

  47. I am a amature of web comics, and I must say, I am a little jelouse how VGC can get so famous for being so… different. The only thing i truely enjoy for the most part are the character moments, the misc comics if you will.

  48. Rogue Shadows

    ||Gamers like to fight each other over this admittedly trivial division||

    To be fair, consoles have usually costed about $400 a piece when new (Xbox 360 and PS3 exceed this), so the division isn’t that trivial if you’ve only got the money for one console per generation, like me.

  49. Kolby Gwingoir = One of Scott Ramsoomair’s cats died. He named the characters after the cats.

  50. This is one review that is just totally way off IMO . One star ? Come on man go to online or any other comic directory and look at some of the trash people make. Vg cats is pretty well illustrated and regardless if you agree or not people like me find the crude humor very funny .

    This review seems like a review you would see of a movie critic reviewing a shallow action movie ( Chronicles of Riddick for example ). So tons of people loved the movie but it did not have great dialoge and epic story line so the reviewer hates it and gives it bad ratings …but still tons of people love that movie …ohh well thats why people dont really listen to reviews much anymore

    • A review is always an expression of personal taste. The fact that many people think something is worthwhile doesn’t mean that the reviewer should do the same thing. Because then everything from comics to sniffing glue would receive a glowing five-star recommendation.

  51. You are all gay… VG Cats is awesome and funny… you all can’t handle his comedy ways… you 8 year olds.

    • I was going to make a argument about you giving gamers and people who (like me) enjoy this webcomic a bad name and then I saw your username.

      So “Herp Derp” it goes without saying “Dont feed the Trolls”.

  52. “since each console now caters to different types of consumers and most of the big games are available on all consoles anyway” is probably one of the worst thought out sentences you’ve ever written from an internal logic point of view.

    But so I’m not all negative, reading these reviews has been really interesting! I’m slightly worried about myself considering how many 1*’s I seem to read (and thought I enjoyed :D) but hopefully this is a chance to be introduced to other good stuff

  53. You need to grow a sense of humor. SERIOUSLY. I don’t like vg cats, but immature humor is one the best kinds of humor they still use today. Such shows like South Park which gets very political sometimes, use this all the time. When I was reading this I was hoping for a good taking a shit on VG cats review, but instead you’re complaining about the immaturity of the humor. Grow a funny bunny.

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  119. Ramsoomair revealed on his site that he had attempted suicide but thankfully did not succeed. He’s doing a site redesign.

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