Joy of Webcomics: Deep-Fried Turkey Edition

Brad Guigar's puns.

Reason #48 to be thankful: Brad Guigar's puns.

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone stateside! Time to spend time with the family, either reflecting what you’re thankful for or dreading the simmering resentment, and settling down for the all-day Chowder marathon on Cartoon Network.

So before we engorge ourselves on massive amounts of turkey so we don’t have to be conscious during the Lions-Titans game, here’s some webcomic reviews and articles that might be of great interest:

Andrew Hickey reviews Achewood‘s Great Outdoor Fight: Mr. Hickey is well grounded in the language of traditional print comic, so it’s quite interesting to see him compare Achewood to some of Dave Sims’ works.

Xaviar Xerexes interviews Nicole Chartland of Fey Winds
: This is a very genial interview that managed to get me excited about reading Fey Winds (and derailing my planned review schedule). The art, she is eye-catching. Expect a review for the manga-esque humor fantasy up this week or the next.

John from “This Was All A Bad Idea” Takes A Look at FreakAngels: Again, another insightful review from a writer who seems to have a strong familiarity with traditional comics. Something that lends well to a comic written by Warren Ellis, who’s got a rep among the print crowd. (And if you’ve thrown your lot with the non-electron crowd, here’s Gary Tyrrell’s impression of the print FreakAngels.)

Lore Sjoberg’s Alt Text: You know, I’ve been bummed for a while that internet personality and part-time webcomic guy Lore Sjoberg is no longer writing articles for Wired. Partially because he’s the same guy that said three years ago: “it’s not that hard to get professional work as a writer if you have the chops.” Sigh. At least he has his videos. By they way, check out this classic oldie where he comments on Scott McCloud’s theory about charging for online content.

Reconstructing Comics: Haven’t had enough of webcomics that make fun of other webcomics, eh? Get your bad self down to Reconstructing Comics for your curmudgeonly fix! (Hasn’t updated this month, sadly.)

Comic-themed ladies’ wear: Not sure what to get your comic lovin’ lady love this Black Friday? How about you surprise her with these sweet-ass togs! (OK, so this item is not really webcomics related, but it was too good to pass up. Also, Wonder Woman swag.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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