El Santo Says: Shill Your Webcomic


You know, it strikes me that I haven’t done something like this in a while.  A long time ago, I once put up a sorta free post to let readers send in links to webcomics that they were working on.  It’s something I should be doing more often.  For what is The Webcomic Overlook without its readers?  Fortunately, fellow critic Fogs at Fogs’ Movie Review decided to do a “Plug Your Blog” post, something that went over well with the readership.  It was high time I did the same.

Hey there, readers!  Do you have a webcomic?  Or a webcomic that you think deserves more attention that it currently has?  Or do you have a blog discussing webcomics?  Well, now is the time!  Put a link to your webcomic under this very post!  Go ahead: shill your webcomic!

About El Santo

Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. Hey there! My name is caleb http://quicktimeevents.wordpress.com/ is my webcomic QuickTimeEvents! If you love videogames, I’m sure you can find some humor in it!

  2. Well, while not exactly a webcomic, I do have the first chapter of my new comic online. So… does that make it a webcomic? I don’t really know, but you can check it out here either way: http://www.velcrotheninjakat.com/2013/04/velcro-comic-chapter-1.html

    Thanks, man. And I’ll be sure to stop by from time to time. 🙂

  3. Hi! I’ll be taking a little hiatus soon to work on getting the first volume together, but my webcomic is called Thistil Mistil Kistil: http://tmkcomic.depleti.com/ It’s about Norse mythology and vikings and the protagonist is already dead! Fun.

    Keep up the great work with the reviews! I always enjoy reading them. 😀

  4. Check out Registered Weapon, the premier robot buddy cop adventure/comedy comic on the web. You can read it at http://www.registered-weapon.com .

  5. Greg Carter mentioned on Twitter that he was having trouble posting his comic because he can’t log in… so here it is:


    If any of the rest of you are having trouble, tweet me!

  6. Webcomics United, by yours truly. It’s always linked from my name on the comments, but since we have a place here… 😀

  7. I’m still in the opening phases of mine, called ‘Lapse’. It’s a ghost story. http://lapsecomic.smackjeeves.com/

  8. Sketch Comedy is a webcomic about a cartoonist making a webcomic called Sketch Comedy. In the comic, the cartoonist argues with his characters, attempts to balance coherent narratives with pop culture humor, and goes on mad power trips based on his arbitrary whims. The cast includes a disgruntled wizard, a cynical music snob, a deaf girl who communicates via subtitled sign language, a professional wide receiver who is also a chess grandmaster, Rene Descartes, and occasionally Gordon McAlpin and Brian Russell. And me.

  9. ‘Furry Experience’ is webcomic about three roommates attending college together in Utah Valley. It sounds so bizarre, you know you’re curious. http://furryexperience.smackjeeves.com/

  10. I’m Shawn Gustafson, and I write The Specialists, a WWII superhero comic.

  11. You should check out Little Guardians at http://www.littleguardianscomic.com/ by Lee Cherolis and Ed Cho.

    To quote from the About page, “Little Guardians tells the story of two young people switched at birth and now unknowingly living each other’s lives. Subira was supposed to be the next Guardian of Yowza Village, but she was born a girl. Instead she lives a quiet life working at The Item Shop never knowing what should have been. Idem trains to be the next Guardian and tries his best to be the warrior he was never meant to be.”

    You can also check out my webcomic Pretty Jeff at http://www.prettyjeff.com, where my alter-ego Pretty Jeff struggles with the impermanence of life and the fear of failure.

  12. One year after Dr. John Henry Holliday is planted in the frozen earth, who is this wounded gunman seeking refuge in a remote mountain home? What shadowy figure bides its time nearby while the very earth and air about it recoils in horror? HOLLIDAY: Mountain Madness is about the Iconoclastic gunfighter, reborn as mystical warrior- dealing justice and sorcery against evil. http://www.hollidaycomic.com/

  13. Lol you order the comic obeys http://pilli-adventure.com/ but I was already was plugged in this blog before, lol never mind Im out of here

  14. I’d love for you to be able to read and review my webcomic, The Jupiter Palladium. It’s a story about a start-up team of superheroes investigating mysterious disappearances and trying to cooperate.


  15. My comic’s currently on hiatus and undergoing a reboot, but I might as well strike while the iron is hot. My comic is called T-Minus, and it’s about an astronaut and his robot buddy being stranded in space during a mission. The reboot will retain some aspects of the original, but the comic will be more story oriented and improved art:

  16. I draw a webcomic called What Nonsense. http://whatnonsensecomic.com/ It’s about a man (well, really a boar, since this is one of those cartoon animal comics) who is such a terrible workaholic that he’s ordered by his boss to take a vacation. When our hero gets to the vacation home his boss has recommended though, he wonders if this is some practical joke. Every other resident appears to be totally out of their mind. It’s a comedy story with a mystery underneath. I’ve been drawing it since 2008 and it updates kinda slow. I try my best though!

  17. But I’m A Cat Person is a story about magical shapeshifting battle monsters in the real world — where instead of society revolving around their battles, most people don’t really care, and a lot of the ones who pay attention think it’s cruel and exploitative to force sapient creatures to beat each other up for your entertainment. And there’s an actual rationale behind their arcane set of rules and strange compulsion to obey humans in the first place (even these days no one remembers what it is).

    It’s also a story about drag queens, sci-fi conventions, and giant pink rabbits. And at least one reader has complained about the dearth of straight people. Oh well, you can’t please everyone.

  18. http://Www.freakscomic.com

    Charlie Bones and Ape are two Freaks on a mission. Unfortunately they might not be on the same mission. Ape is a lovable hunchback who dreams of one day being a famous dancer. Charlie Bones is a psycho who just wants to get out of the Freak show and spread his wings… Maybe a little bit of killing too…. well… probably a whole sack full of killing. Maybe a crate. A bus. Yeah. A bus full of killing would suit Charlie just fine.

    SO, Charlie Bones is a freak out to grab a bus full of killings… also some whiskey,.. and money,.. and dames,.. and some of those tiny swords they put in drinks.

  19. thehatandfat.wordpress.com A webcomic about two misguided cretins just trying to cut through the muck and mayhem of everyday life.

  20. Geist! – http://geistcomic.com

    After weeks in hospital, Kate Crowley returns to school scarred, cursed and looking for revenge. But it won’t be easy: her targets are the untouchable Geistlords, influential students with the power to control the invisible monsters known as Geists. Worse, her cursed eye is making her hallucinate. And her only ally is her former best friend, who hates her almost as much as he hates the Geistlords. To get her revenge – and, maybe, win back her friend – she’ll have to use her curse to discover the truth about Geists…if it doesn’t drive her insane first.

  21. Holiday Wars

    Volume 1 releases next week in comic shops through Diamond and on the web we are halfway through Volume 2.

  22. Oh, maybe after summer when the homepage is actually up, and uploaded with more comic pages than just 9.

    How long does this last, or is this some indefinite feature of this site from now on?

    • Well, my idea was to do this for a week, and then I was going to do a “sticky” post (which would be up for a month) with links and images of all the comics and sites that everyone chipped in about. (It’s something I did last time I’d done this.)

  23. http://cwynhildsloom.com/

    Set on 24th century Mars, Cwynhild’s Loom tells the story of Cwynhild Faer, the most notorious of the feared renegade female supersoldiers known as Valkyries, as she attempts to avoid bounty hunters and stay one step ahead of the authorities. Together with her loyal friend, Jake Edwards, a former military pilot whose Valkyrie wife was killed by the government, and aided by Amon Thorn, the robotics genius who designed them, she works towards securing the Valkyries’ future with the goal of finding a new home for them to live in peace.

    I’ve just restarted working on the comic after a busy period and will begin weekly updates again starting in May.

  24. http://www.curtailedcomic.com

    Curtailed is half “slice of life,” half journal comic, strips inspired by things that happen to me and my partner. Updates every Sunday!

  25. I have a webcomic:
    Culture Shock
    It’s the story of a knight and a ninja who have to share an apartment and overcome their differences. They live in a modern American city where a power struggle is underway, and only their cooperation amongst a unique and varied cast of heroes can prevent disaster from happening.

    It’s an action-comedy.

  26. This isn’t my webcomic, but I would love for you to review Ava’s Demon. It’s a gorgeously illustrated comic made by Michelle Czajkowski, an animator at Dreamworks.


  27. Oy, I thought I left a comment yesterday, but I guess it didn’t go through.

    This is my comic, ‘Lapse’: http://lapsecomic.smackjeeves.com/ It’s a ghost story, though still in the beginning.

  28. http://darkencomic.com/ and http://www.widdershinscomic.com/ by Kate Ashwin. The first one is completed. It’s a D&D like adventure following a party of “evil” characters who become strangely sympathetic during their various travels and misadventures. The second is a Victorian-steampunk adventure/mystery series with magic. It follows the advenutres of two different group of protagonists(there might be more in the future). Just a little warning, Darken was the authors first project, so the art is a bit dodgy in the beggining, but it gets better.

  29. Here’s mine, The Blabbing Baboon featuring “My Daily Comic Journal”

    I’m a professional artist/designer at a toy company by day (have been in the Toy biz since 1983 at Hasbro) and thought I needed to draw more. I began this Daily comic first just to discipline myself to draw more and it’s blossomed into a sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic, often embarrassing REAL life stories.

    The dates are late, but I post everyday and have been at it since 2010.
    If you were ever a fan of the daily slice of life comic “American Elf”, maybe now that it’s ended perhaps you’ll give my comic a shot.

    * Feel free to leave comments, always like to hear feedback.

    • Richard’s writing about his daily life is funny, honest and very brave. He puts it all out there–the good, the bad, the sad and the cringe-inducing. Plus movie reviews, the occasional rant, and the adventures of his cats, Linus and Lucy!

  30. I’d like to plug Clay’s ‘Depression Comix’ — http://depressioncomix.tumblr.com/

    I don’t know if you’ve run across it before, apologies if you have. If not: it’s not your traditional webcomic, it’s more a brilliant and unique depiction of a certain mentality–one that has never been done so well elsewhere. I feel like it’s genuinely important in that regard, i mean there’s really nothing i’ve encountered that’s better at communicating the realities of depression and anxiety, and i would definitely say it deserves a lot more attention.

  31. I’m from Mexico en draw Los Utopicos “The utopians” http://los-utopicos.blogspot.mx/

    A comic based on a group of teen-twentysomething friends living in the city of Morelia. There’s usually a bit of everything depending on the highlighted characters. So there’s something for everyone.
    It’s in spanish but most episodes are visual gags.

  32. Just chiming in to let you know I’m checking the spam filter regularly. (I found three legit posts in there.) Apologies for the inconvenience: it sometimes filters out comments with suspicious looking links.

    I’m hesitant to turn it off, though. While there were 3 legit ones, there were like 30 spam comments. Thus I shall strive to do my best in remaining vigilant ay rescuing your links if they do not show up!

  33. Aint got much of an archive yet, but it’s a project I’ve started to work on. Maybe this will be motivation to keep it going. It’s a semi-autobiographical webcomic where I make fun of other webcomics and talk about my lame life at UVa. Enjoy:


  34. Well, it looks like a lot of people have beaten me to it, but what the hell! 😀

    I actually have two webcomics!
    The first is Twisted Mirrors: http://www.drunkduck.com/Twisted_Mirrors/
    It’s a black and white comic except for the covers. A fantasy story, though its more about the characters and their interactions than about action. Oh, and also a fakey race called the boetheri.

    The second is Firefly Cross: http://www.drunkduck.com/Firefly_Cross/
    It’s a urban fantasy…kind of…I think…well, it’s not like current urban fantasy, think Disney’s Gargoyles, which was the main inspiration (and boy does it show!) This is full color, and is a lot older in the first one, which shows in both the art and writing, but I have fun with it.

    Both of these comics have been running for a while now, so even though they only update once a week, they both have a pretty big archive (FFC will be 11 in May…not sure how I feel about that, haha)

    Not the best webcomics ever, but if you check them out, I hope you enjoy! 😀

  35. What I’ve currently got I’m scrapping, but I’m rebooting this comic within the month. It’ll be located at http://www.mortropolis.com/ then, but the current stuff is at http://www.pavethemoon.com/

  36. “From Nothing”- A collection of thoughts from a God-lover who is very much out of sync with the culture he lives in.


  37. Hi. I’m new-ish here, but know some of the other posters. Anyway.

    I have a webcomic that’s kinda “”in transition” at the moment, but we have three issues (2 full-length and an 8-page Issue 0) of a sports-thriller comic called KEEPER, about a goalkeeper who moonlights as… well. Read on. http://keeper-comic.com It’s had good reviews from people such as Mark Waid, Greg Rucka, Jacen Burrows… and even Ian Rankin and Irvine Welsh.

    At the risk of sounding weird, I’m asking that people wait until the weekend’s over, as I’ll be uploading the redrawn Issue 0 at that time.

    Also, I will be having printed, PDF and CBZ versions available for sale starting next week (digital Issue 0 will be FREE!), so stay tuned. You can see more at my imprint, Atypical Comics http://atypicalcomics.com

    Thanks, and enjoy!

    — Geoffrey D. Wessel

  38. Drop the Cow! is the sordid tale of a former hacker and full-time nerd, the network she runs at a (not-so) major corporation, and the users she abuses on a regular basis, as well as her bosses (and other clowns).

    The strip has spent the last two years combining nerd culture, comics, and LEGO in a 3D-CGI blender three times a week.

  39. Whoa, you got a lot more responses for this post than for most of your actual webcomic reviews! I take this as a good sign that lots of people are reading your useful posts.

    I’m going to plug a friend’s webcomic that’s finally going to start on April 25. Obviously there won’t be much to review for some time, but I encourage you to check on it, as I have every confidence in the author/artist. Epic Title Here is a fantasy about a young woman trying to sort out her life and become a writer of unique stories; she’ll “have to deal with things like elevator doors, birth-marked, prophesy-chased farmboys of ambiguous parentage and mysterious powers, trying to convince people that “epic” was not always a synonym for “awesome,” and searching for a decent title as she tries to get rid of Cliché once and for all.”

    Also, take a gander at the cover art — is it not gorgeous?

  40. It’s kind of you to offer! I’ve always been of the opinion that most of the people who read and are interested in webcomics are the same people that create them. We are a narcissistic group 😛

    My webcomic Barflys is a newspaper-style gag-a-day comic about two flies with extracurricular activities limited mostly to drinking and complaining.


    I also have a manga that will return to updating next week about some kids who defend the earth from mind-controlling alien slugs… that couldn’t be, topically, *more* different than Barflys 🙂


    Thanks again El Santo!

  41. Well, here goes nothing. My comic http://www.drugsandkisses.com is about to hit 100 strips, and the art is finally to a level I’m not horribly embarrassed with. It’s about four flatmates trying to balance their friendships, jobs and self-destructive lifestyles. My attempt to bring British-alternative humor to the tired ‘flatmate comic’ genre.

  42. Thanks for the offer! I’m part of a write/art duo for a fantasy webcomic called Within a Mile of Home http://www.withinamileofhome.com. It’s about a little goblin that falls off the edge of his world. We’ve been building up slowly and learning a lot along the way. Thanks for your time!

  43. http://www.drunkduck.com/daryl_and_susie/ This is a webcomic I worked on when I was in Uni. Yeah, the art’s pretty crap, but at the moment, I’m actually trying to novelize the story since I’m a slightly better writer than I am an artist.

  44. Badnix is a silly/cute/epic adventure comic about enemies in an old video game and their war with those who would hop and/or bop them.

    Job Dog is a beautiful surrealist tale about the state of the workaday canine in America.

  45. Just wanted to say that I’ve been clicking through several of these and there are some real gems there! Hopefully everyone else is doing the same!

  46. If you like christian dogma, music, occasional paintings, and explicit gay pornography, head on down to Devoto: Music in Hell (http://devoto.smackjeeves.com/ ) . I’ve got no shame about what I do, so feel free to feel no shame and read it.

  47. Well, hey, someone thought to link this in the Something Awful comics thread so I’ll jump in.

    I write an interactive comic called Prequel – http://www.prequeladventure.com/ . It’s based off the Elder Scrolls series, though it should make sense whether you are familiar with the setting or not.

  48. Also came through the SA thread, and found some really cool comics here!

    I draw and code a series of experimental format comics titled ‘Peaches’ at http://gwil.co/peaches/. Some of them have text, some have narration, but they always have music (composed especially for this). I started working on it more or less exactly a year ago and I’m a bit into its second chapter now. And I love feedback and critiques.

    I know already that it doesn’t appeal to every webcomic reader – but my hope is that there are some people out there who will _really_ enjoy it. 🙂

  49. komiyanzaibach

    Also from the SA comics thread!

    I do a Victorian-era magic adventure series called Widdershins, which is a series of shorter stories about failed magicians, chain smoking bounty hunters, and accidental thieves!


  50. While I don’t have a comic, I think http://www.yeti4hire.com is worth everyone’s time!

  51. I write/draw a comic called Messenger (http://www.messenger-comic.com) which is about the adventures of the survivors (and non-survivors) in a post-apocalyptic America. I’m also working as the art half of a duo working on a prequel story to it called Follower, which is going to start in June, after some delays. (http://follower.messenger-comic.com)

    I’m also part of a small collective called MonsterHive, made up of 6 comics, and I can really only recommend them all – there’s a page for all of them here: http://www.monsterhive.net/comics/

    Thanks for the opportunity to post here!

  52. Hi, I’m Chu and I do the webcomic Slightly Damned!

    It’s a story-based fantasy adventure comic with a lot of comedy and sprinklin’s of drama and action. I’ve been drawing it ever since I was in high school so it starts out pretty rough, but I’ve always tried my best to improve over the years. Hopefully, if nothing else, seeing how the art and writing has progressed will interest people!

  53. I think my first attempt at a comment got eaten, oh no. Why internet, why? 😦

    Anyway, I write and draw a comic called Messenger, about the adventures of the survivors (and some non-survivors) in a post-apocalyptic America. I’ve been working on it for quite some time and have fallen into a rhythm of using ink/watercolor and other “real” media. I’m working as the art half of a duo on a sort of prequel story due to launch this summer. http://www.messenger-comic.com.

    I’m also part of a small collective of 6 comics called MonsterHive, all of which I can only recommend. There are links to all of our members here: http://www.monsterhive.net/comics/

    Thanks for the opportunity to post here! 🙂

  54. My name is Arby. My webcomic is called Grayling. It’s a (low?) fantasy comic about a ragtag group of all-powerful immortals trying to create a world, their motives for doing so, and the difficulties they encounter with their jobs and with each other.

  55. mortalityplays

    Hey, I’m Rosa. I’m an anthropology graduate, and I write a comic all about a fictional pantheon of primal gods and their troubled relationship with humanity. It’s occasionally NWS, heavily inspired by real world folklore and mythology, and rife with talking animals and slapstick magical idiots. Check it out if that sounds like your bag!

    Mythos: Meet Your Makers

  56. http://dansemacabre.thecomicseries.com/ is a modern vampire story without any of the romance that’s become so prevalent in recent times. Instead it focuses on the real life consequences of being and associating with a monster.

    The comic was on hiatus for a while, but is now back in full swing.

  57. My name is Cami. My comic, Doomsday, My Dear, is a turn-of-the-21st-century drama (with humorous flavoring) based around the rise and reign of a deadly new political regime. It follows a cast of interrelated characters who are trying to keep on top, just get by, or stay alive.

  58. My comic got a mention on here once before, but here it is again! Do you like Football? Do you like bad puns and goofy faces? Do you hate comics that never update or take too long to go anywhere? Do you need a gag strip in your life? http://www.thedrawplay.com/ has it! Constant characters and story arcs are for NERDS. Real men laugh twice a week at NFL themed jokes and giggle at the author’s uncomfortable obsession with mocking Sean Payton.

  59. Hey! I do the comic called Buffet of Lies which is at http://buffetoflies.com

    It’s about a community of people! Some of them are kinda funny lookin’.

    Read it or don’t!

  60. Hey! This is my webcomic, which is called “Creep” and about teenaged crime fighters! Hope y’all like it!

  61. When it comes to recommending comics by others, I can’t narrow it down to just one or two. So here’s the link to my ongoing series of rec posts:


    Some of the comics in this thread are definitely going to show up there eventually 🙂

  62. Here’s my webcomic, it’s called A Typical Girl: The Death and Life of Penelope Lichtenwald.
    Hope you like it!

  63. HI there! I do Rusty & Co., the ongoing story of three classic RPG monsters who decide to leave the dungeons and become adventurers for fame and fortune… and for the extended life expectancy too.


  64. Whoo! Spent two days compiling tiny 60 x 60 screenshots of the comics on this thread so far. I have 53 so far (with an 8 hour road trip to Oregon sandwiched somewhere in between). Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! I’m probably going to regret saying this, but… KEEP ‘EM COMING!

  65. Blasphemous Saga Fantasy: A squire and his adopted slime monster brother are joined by a witch-in-training and a princess on a quest to save their kingdom from an evil wizard and his golems.


  66. 70-Seas: Well into the second Age of Exploration and Warfare the Church is pushing the boundaries of nature and decency, the Vikings have resorted to legitimate commerce, and thanks to a tiny revolution in a country no one has ever heard of it is now possible to hire the services of something called a ‘ninja’.

    Fortunately for navigator Serra, child fugitive Nikol, and divine prophet Lewk you don’t need to know about any of that to be a privateer. You just need to know that port is heading northeast, the war is scheduled for Tuesday, and 43% of all (reported) profits are reserved for the coffers of the Republican Empire of Fra.

    Someone is probably going to get killed but whoever survives is going to hit it BIG!


  67. It seems my original post did not work so I’ll attempt this again. Apologies if this shows up twice…
    My name is Aram and my comic is called Mandatory Roller Coaster. Give it a look if you like sharks, bigfoots, goth girls, or Rave Bear. Everybody likes Rave Bear.

  68. Hey everyone! I just started a webcomic called “Ex Libris” and it’s about a teenager who finds an ancient spirit hiding inside the pages of an old book. Together they fight a great evil that’s terrorizing their city.

    I just started posting pages a few weeks ago w/ updates on Tuesdays. Hope you get a chance to check it out!


  69. To explain what this comic is about would be explaining nothing at all. Duck Duck Noose is a series of unrelated (as of now) strips that follow the formula of general malaise and despair.

    Still working on my drawing, but I hope you can all see that it is slowly improving.

    If you like bizarre anti-humour, then maybe check this out?


  70. Also here from the SA thread. I do a comic called TJ and Amal, and it’s an understated comedy/drama/romance about two guys who go on a road trip across the United States. Can get NSFW in places. Updates 2 pages a week on Tuesday mornings.

  71. Hey man this is great that you are doing this! If it’s not too late would love to share my comic http://www.monstermondayscomic.com. Big Thanks! Cheers!

  72. Hi! I write and draw the webcomic KiLA iLO: theworldisyours.smackjeeves.com Thank you for doing this!

  73. Sheesh. I check you every day… dunno how on Earth I missed this.

    Hello El Santo! My name’s Corey Kramer and I am artist over at Remedial Comics! I’d love to shill our main webcomics!

    First off, penned by Robert C Tracy and drawn by yours truly we have Remedy http://www.remedy.remedialcomics.com; an action adventure comic about a Gulf War vet that became a vigilante upon his return from the war and his superpowered cat.

    Next, we have Wonder Weenies http://www.wonderweenies.com Written and drawn by me, Wonder Weenies is a humorous comic following the mis adventures of a group of fast food workers that gained super powers after being exposed to irradiated hot dogs. And, not to sweeten the pot or anything, a recurring character is a former luchadore, El Chorizo (The Spicy Scourge of the Squared Circle!)

    So do check them out! Hope ya enjoy them.

  74. Thanks for taking the huge amount of time to do this. I feel like “thanks” doesn’t quite cover it. My web comic is at http://www.cartoondoug.com . Its called Trophies, and its a mishmash if daily life inside and outside of work. Thanks again for doing this, its great that I can cruise through these and find new, fun stuff.

  75. Not sure how I missed this either, but reviewing webcomics is the main thing I do on my new blog, iansnotinchina.tumblr.com

    I’ve admired The Webcomic Overlook for a long time, and would be tickled pink – PINK – if you got a chance to check my blog out. I usually try to focus on comics that are up-and-coming, or just generally overlooked, including a few that are on this list!

    Also, my reviews are posted on the site thewebcomicpolice.blogspot.com, along with those of a number of other reviewers. I think the quality is generally pretty good, and I’m happy to be part of it.

  76. I always read Rich Marcej’s slice-o’-life strip on Facebook. Sometimes he’s angry, sometimes he’s sad. You can read it on his public site at http://www.theblabbingbaboon.com/

  77. Thanks again for this El Santo! Since I linked my comic What Nonsense here I’ve gotten more traffic, and more comics for my ever growing need-to-read list.

    While I’m at it, I’d like to shill the webcomic Stupid Snake http://www.iaviv.com/stupidsnake/ It’s a fantasy comic told without dialogue. The characters are really goofy looking, from a duck-riding dwarf to a troll that wears briefs– but before I knew it, I became super emotionally invested in their adventures. The main storyline is complete, but the artist has started a new story that is set in the same universe.

  78. An invitation for a shameless plug from El Santo himself? How can I NOT resist??

    My webcomic is called Girls of Monster Paradise, which is ridiculously self-explanatory. But c’mon–who doesn’t like girls and monsters? Clicketh to see! http://www.girlsofmonsterparadise.com/ And thanks for doing this, El Santo!

  79. Hey El Santo! Long time reader, first time commenter. Thank you for taking the time to do this for everyone.

    I do a webcomic called Cans of Beans ( http://cansofbeans.thecomicseries.com/ ). It’s a comedy-drama college roommate bromance story between a werewolf and a surfer dude, drawn and colored in a classic “animation style,” like a mix between Disney and Warner Bros. Hope you like it!

  80. I do a webcomic called Overlord of Ravenfell ( http://www.ravenfell.com ). It’s a fantasy parody about an Evil Overlord who fails at being evil, a knight who’s afraid of everything, and a princess who’d rather be a warrior.

  81. Hi, I’m Clay and I run http://spiddrelli.net. A Flash-based semi-animated noir epic. Check it out if you like comics with heavy worldbuilding!

  82. This is great! I just launched my comic at http://mixedhistory.com
    It is the REAL history of Earth’s monsters and their common origin.

  83. Why not! I’m CB, and I started The Schizophrenic’s Storybook in December for funsies and to practice watercolor. It updates slowly, every sunday at http://schizostories.com

    Thanks so much for offering up the opportunity for others to openly throw their stuff at you,by the way!

  84. Hey, El Santo! I’m Kristy, and I have a webcomic named Wake the Sleepers over at http://wakethesleepers.com.

    It’s a fantasy adventure story surrounding a man named Locke Rinannis as he tries to find a way to remove the mysterious curse on his hand.

    Sounds simple enough (I guess). But having a very large bounty on his head makes it a bit more complicated, especially when a little girl resolves to latch on to him for adventure, and a highly-skilled mercenary decides to hunt him down…

    Take a look! And thanks so much for the opportunity to share this with you~!

  85. Since you ask!

    Sombulus is a fantasy adventure webcomic updating twice a week. A zealous paladin, a world-hopping nomad, and a spiky haired tinkerer learn to work together and grow into powerful roles through their fantastic adventures through the strange, surreal, magical and mystery-riddled Myriad Worlds of Sombulus. I’m celebrating its third year anniversary in May!

    Read it at http://www.sombulus.com

  86. hello! i’m meg and this is my webcomic: http://godsend.shatterlands.com/comix/

    it’s called Godsend, and follows a group of unlikely miscreants, thieves and drunks (and one very flustered priest) as they attempt to right a broken prophecy.

  87. Hi there! I would like to shill 2 comics I’ve been following lately:

    First is Warrior-U by Aisha Thani ( http://warrior-u.com/ )
    To paraphrase the description at the “About” page, “Warrior U follows the adventures of Finn, who WANTS to take a course on becoming a bard, but instead ends up in a completely unrelated class that he HAS to pass if he wants to get anywhere. That class is warrior class where he befriends the reluctant Harv. Also there are Homicidal unicorns, ghoulish Headmasters, Cross-dressing girls and the occasional Cameleopard.”

    Second one is Wuffle the Big Nice Wolf by Piti Yindee ( http://www.wufflecomics.com/ ) “Wuffle is different from other wolves. While most wolves are sneaky and tricky, Wuffle is innocent, naive, and kind hearted, always willing to help people without expecting anything in return.[…] Wuffle is a feel good comic series that should make you laugh out loud or it could brighten up your day and make you smile.”

    Thanks Santo! Great site, btw!

  88. Hey there! I just launched a webcomic called Boozle ( http://boozle.sgoetter.com ).

    It’s a comic about a grumpy wizard named Boozle, who wants nothing more than to just stay inside, drink tea and read books. Unfortunately for him he has a bit of a goblin problem.

    The comic’s only 23 pages in, it’s just getting started. Updates Mondays and Fridays with some bonus updates when I feel like it.

  89. Let’s try this again: Besides http://www.loveisintheblood.com mentioned above,
    I also write/publish http://www.perfectagentcomic.com along with artist Stephanie O’Donnell. We’re in the middle of out 7th story arc. Please to enjoy the carnage.

  90. Astral Aves: http://www.astralaves.com/ It’s a big fantasy adventure with kids and ghosts and politics and stuff. it’d be cool if you check it out.

  91. I write and illustrate H&J (http://handj.thewebcomic.com), a stylized little comedy about a 50-year old lady detective and her twitty man-candy rival. Inevitably, they get into all kind of silly trouble together and hilarity ensues!

  92. Fathead is an off-the-wall comedy comic that I’ve been running for close to a year and a half. If anyone’s looking for something funny to pass the time, I’m sure you’ll love it. http://fatheadcomic.com

  93. I’m the creator of Out There (http://outtherecomic.com), a long-running comic that I actually thought you had reviewed at some point, but I might be confusing you with someone else. Anyway, if you’re ever looking to kill a weekend, I’ve got an archive of 2000+ strips. It’s one of them slice-of-life comics, but it’s unique in that it is completely devoid of geek culture references, because I know nothing about geek culture.

  94. Hi my name is Natalie and I have a brightly colored webcomic about a girl that fights monsters.


  95. peterwartman529

    I finished my comic, Over the Wall, a few months ago. It’s a story about a girl who is trying to rescue her brother from a mostly abandoned and distinctly unfriendly city. You can read it at http://www.shipwreckplanet.com.

  96. I currently draw two comics, but I’ll just list one of the here – UnCONventional, a comic about the staff of a convention http://www.unconventional-comic.com/

  97. Hi, all! I do a comic called Band Vs. Band ( http://www.bvbcomix.com). It’s goofy and queer-themed and mostly about a rivalry between two female-fronted bands.

  98. HEY GANG.

    I know I already shilled my KEEPER strip (http://keeper-comic.com) but just wanted to say, the new Issue 0 art has been uploaded, and that the SALES have begun for the print and digital (CBZ/PDF) issues!


    Also of note, my Atypical Comics imprint (which published KEEPER) also has gone live with a 24-page sci-fi action one-shot called TAKEDOWN which you should consider purchasing as well!


    Enjoy, and thanks again!

    — Geoffrey D. Wessel

  99. Thanks to everyone who left links yesterday! Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to put them on the splash post that’s garnishing the main page. I had to be at the hospital last night on family business, and by the time I got home, I was wiped. I’ll try to make thumbnails of your webcomics tonight!

    Thanks again to everyone who’s participating!

  100. This looks fun! I’ve been having a good time clicking through a bunch of these.

    Anybody There? ( http://anybodythere.thecomicseries.com )
    An ornery monster hunter fights metaphors for his own internal conflict.

  101. Well here I am all intrusive and obnoxiously late to the party. I’ll give it a go anyway! I have never left a comment here before (like a terrible person) but I have been reading for a long time and this is my favorite spot for webcomics analysis and criticism.

    My comic is a weird little thing called The Artist is Dead! (http://theartistisdead.com/). I make it entirely by hand out of ripped paper and ink and watercolor and similar such useless crud I happen to have lying around. It is about five neurotic, lonely drawings who do things like walk around and talk to each other while having occasional run-ins with a hideous eldritch fear-monster.

    Thank you for the opportunity to say hello and flail around a bit in semblance of human communication!

  102. Thanks for the plug opportunity, El Santo 🙂

    I’m the creator of Loud Era, which is a slice-of-life historical fiction story set in America in the 1910s-20s. It follows a group of friends finishing school and then trying to act like grown ups. It’s done using almost entirely traditional media!

  103. Hi El Santo! I create Loon Land. A comic about a loon who dates an alien. Mostly about relationship stuff.

  104. Not my webcomic, but I really think String Theory (http://www.stringtheorycomic.com) deserves more attention. It’s basically the story of a villain BEFORE he became a villain. A backstory, if you will, if backstories came first in a series. It has great characters, fantastic art, and it updates weekly. The artwork has evolved amazingly, by the way, in merely six chapters. from crude black and white illustrations to marvelously detailed and colored work in the later parts.

  105. Whoa, almost missed this! My webcomic is called Welcome to Hereafter, and it updates here: http://welcometohereafter.com/

    In short: It’s about the further adventures of Lordon R. God, the forcibly-retired former CEO of Christ Inc., his semi-estranged son Jesus, and a constantly-growing cast of contemporary takes on gods/deities/legends from all kinds of different myths and religions.

    Thanks a lot!

  106. Annnnddd…. the bar is closed! Thanks to everyone for participating! I’ll probably leave the thumbnailed post stickied until the weekend, and then I’m moving all the links out to the sidebar.

  107. Ahh, I just found this and it’s awesome. Is it too late to get http://suziquazar.com shilled out?
    Nothing like some space girl adventures to get things moving!

  108. I’m the (primary) writer of Cosmic Hellcat Adventures (http://cosmichellcats.com). We’re not just one comic. We’re three comics in one. Mondays we update our primary strip, Cosmic Hellcat Adventures, a science fiction parody about four felinoids (cat girl aliens) and their robot who travel through space using science and ninjitsu to get into all kinds of trouble. Thursdays we run a succession of backup strips featuring characters that we’ve introduced in the primary strip over the the past 5 years in their own related adventures in the Hellcat Universe. Saturday’s we run Hellcat Cosmos a (usually one panel) joke strip featuring the characters from the other comics in one-off situations. We’re always curious to hear what people think so please drop on by.

  109. Wacky Monkeys is about adventures of a bumbling family infested with wacky, weird and gross monkeys.


    This is a project that I recently started (December 2012) and has gotten quite a bit of traction. Check it out :O)

  110. http://www.smallertotems.com

    The modern world is largely thought to be a knowable place. Science and logic build us technologies to explore and control our environment. Electricity and light allow us to cross vast distances and communicate almost instantly, sharing lives and knowledge in ways that would have been unthinkable just decades before. Magic, superstition, and the irrational have been driven from the center of our lives, replaced by electric lights, wireless internet, and the wonders of medicine… but driven from the center does not mean banished. Mystery still lingers at the edges, in the dark, and in the backs of our minds. Fear of places we can’t see and noises in the dark. Vanishing and disappearances. Ghost stories and folk tales. Lucky charms and little rituals. And of course… the nightly mystery. For nearly a third of our life, we exist in a state where ghosts and phantasms move about freely, distance and time are free to shift and change, and anything is possible: for nearly a third of our life, we sleep… and when we sleep, we dream.

    Even to much of science, dreaming is a mystery. We have experiences we don’t understand. We see those who have passed from the world, and others who have never lived. We dream epic adventures and anxious nightmares. We dream worlds of magic, and sometimes magic can be dangerous. Its no wonder that we sleep and dream a little easier knowing we aren’t alone.

    Welcome to the world of Smaller Totems, where the myths and magics of dreams linger in the dark after waking, and the words “it was just a dream” provide precious little comfort.

  111. I’m late to the party, but I do a comic called “The Garage”. It’s mostly a gag-a-day (with some small storylines) about the misadventures of three guys in their… wait for it, Garage.
    It’s at http://thegaragecomic.wordpress.com or at http://thegarage.webcomic.ws

  112. Hey, here is my webcomic http://www.lonelymountaingarbage.com/ I’ve been kinda going to for a weirder side to the newyorker style of comics. I’m a bit late but hopefully someone gets to check out my stuff!

  113. I’m working on a really weird ghost hunting comic with a twist! It’s an action/adventure comic, and I’ve just barely finished the first volume! I’d love for anyone to read/review it 🙂
    Available on:

    Synopsis: Isaac Matthews’ curiosity gets the best of him when he decides to follow a classmate who’s not at all what he expected. She’s a gate keeper; a person who hunts down objects mutated by ghosts after dark! His normal life takes a turn for the bizarre when this classmate offers him a position as her ghost hunting partner! Will Isaac take her up on her offer, or try to return to his normal life?

  114. This is my first webcomic, so any reviews or comments would be helpful.

  115. For a few years now I’ve been publishing Woohooligan.com

    It’s an occasionally NSFW weekly gag strip inspired by a lot of sources including Monty Python, the Far Side, George Carlin, and obviously geek culture. I think the film industry would rate it PG. I’ve basically stopped at swearing, toplessness and innuendo.

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