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2013 Eisner Awards announced; the winner is….

And I’m back! In the States! I probably won’t be back to regular posting for a week yet (being away for nearly a month means there’s plenty I have to catch up on in real life before I get back to writing reviews and stuff). However, it’s time to announce the winner of this year’s Eisner Award… which is pretty old news as of this posting. Hey, man, I had some jet lag and some chronic recurring illnesses to get through first. I cannot operate at the speed of the internet. More like the speed of a geriatric turtle.

So! The votes are in. The winner for the Best Digital Comic for 2013 is… DRUMROLL PLEASE…

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WordPress launches PANEL theme for webcomics

Hey, there. I am still on vacation, so still no regular updates. However, I thought I’d deluek for a second to share in the news that WordPress has just launched a theme specific to webcomics: Panel. As WordPress is my blogging format of choice, I’m quite happy with this news. The interface seems pretty user friendly, though I haven’t tried it out, so I wouldn’t know. Current webcomic creators using WordPress: give it a spin and drop a comment on what you think of it.

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