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Contrary to popular belief, Rooktopia’s El Santo is not actually Mexican luchadore and movie star Rudolfo Guzman Huerta brought back to life by some evil zombie magic. He actually heard his name in passing during an MST3K episode (referring, actually, to a character named “Rat Fink”) and decided to roll with it as a pseudonym on wrestling site.

El Santo previously hailed from the Philippines and Detroit, but now calls Seattle his home. He has a graduate degree in business and constantly wonders why he doesn’t use it more. El Santo wears a mask because the world is unready for the shocking ethereal beauty of his face.

El Santo is also fully aware that he is indeed wearing a Blue Demon mask, not the silver El Santo mask.

El Santo has, on previous message boards, also gone by “Rook.”

  1. Where can I request works to be reviewed? (Added to the end of a queue, of course) – I thought it would be interesting if you reviewed some comics…

  2. Send me an e-mail with a link to your site! It’s actually easier for me to keep track of that way. The link is on the “Mail me” icon in the top right corner, or you can send a link to: elsanto45@yahoo.com.

  3. Hi,
    Can you look here:


    where our expansion of our web comics blog directory will be obvious to you, as will the bits of information we need to expand your listing?

    If you could dash it off to me at scratchinpost AT gmail *DOT* com, I’d be so pleased to expand your listing.

    Ben Gordon

  4. MST3K (0624) also did “Samson vs the vampire women” which was the name of the english dub of “Santo vs. las mujeres vampiro”


  5. omg, El Santo with Blue Demon’s mask ! D:

  6. Could you please tell me the websites of each picture that is in your website’s banner? I’d like to know which comic each one came from. Thanks

    • I was all ready to thrill ya with my knowledge, but then I realized that I forgot where that first one was from. I’m thinking Beaver & Steve, but I might be wrong.

      The rest, though, I can rattle off pretty easily: Dresden Codak, Girl Genius, Sugary Serials, Alma Mater, Hilarity Comics (a.k.a. Eegra), Exiern, Fanboys, Last Blood, Butterfly, and No Pink Ponies.

  7. I’d like to get your take on The Challenges of Zona, there are a lot of story details in this work that make you look twice at all the art. There are improbably big breasted women fighters, but other than that the character byplay and plot development are very well delivered. Hope you give it a look.
    I enjoyed your review of Dreamland Chronicles btw, it hit both the high and low points of that strip very cogently.

  8. Just a suggestion: you might want to change your online handle. It immediately triggers the spam filter. 🙂

    • It’s not my handle, so I have no idea why it’s there. I never would call myself anything that would suggest hacker.

  9. I’m adding this comment–someone lifted my post verbatim and made it again, with their handle. So I guess we all need to be wary!

    • Thanks. I have a feeling your post was hacked after all, perhaps as a way to get the IP Address recognized as “Not Spam” by the Spam Filters. Later today I’m going to repost your comment to fix things, hopefully.

  10. El Santo also gets a mention in the MST3K episode about Racket Girls which involves a lot of women’s wrestling. I’m only saying this because while I was watching said episode with my boyfriend, I said something like, “I think he’s too busy writing overly long web comic reviews.” I hope you’re happy.

  11. So you’re from Seattle? I have a friend who’s planning to move there.

    • Yup. The Emerald City’s my stomping grounds. As one tour guide told me, the whole thing about Seattle being a rainy city is a myth. The rainy season only really lasts from the beginning of October to the end of September.

  12. hi,
    Ive been reading your reviews and enjoy them..so if you can, please give my webcomic a review, the site is just opening and itd be cool if you looked at it


  13. Mr. Santo:

    A pleasure to write you since I’ve been looking for a website with interesting webcomic reviews (I’m about to get caught up on my current favorites), I’ll be checking your website every now and then.

    I’ve been thinking to make my own space in the internet where I can review webcomics for fun but my biggest concern is how to request panels from the webcomics’ authors.

    Should I ask them first by message? or can I just take the pannels and pages with no permission whatsoever?

    Hope you can help me with that and keep up the excellent job!

    • Hey, sorry for the late reply.

      Personally… I just take it straight from the site and don’t ask. If they want me to take it down, they can request and I’ll do it. Webcomic authors are usually pretty cool about sharing panels, as long as you have something that redirects to their site. (i.e. they really hate it if you play off a comic as your own creation. After all, they spent so much time on it!) Webcomic reviews are probably the least of their worries.

  14. My name is John Myers I am one-half of Albuquerque-based local
    webcomic publishing company TypodMary.com. We have recently published our first
    graphic novel and expect to publish our second soon.

    I am contacting you to respectfully ask if you would be interested in
    reviewing our publications for your website

    Currently, all our material is available online so if you are
    interested you can check them out here:
    All the Growing Things
    The Vagus Street Project (http://vagus.typodmary.com/2009/04/30/vrp1cover/)

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. If you
    are familiar with 7000 BC we are also proud members of that

  15. Where can my graphic novel be reviewed or where can I submit issues to you?

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