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The Webcomic Overlook #5: Irregular Webcomic!

I’m starting to think that this review is a jinx. I’ve reviewed four webcomics thus far, and three of them seem to be winding down. The Bad Webcomic Challenge, granted, was meant to last only 200 strips. But Year One, which I thought would keep on going as long as there were Marvel storylines to parody, seems to be coming to an end. And Carlos G. left a message on his Lowroad page that the webcomic is on hiatus.

I’m hoping that this trend doesn’t continue with today’s subject, though I do have my doubts. It is one of the most prolific comics on the web. A brief glance at its archive shows that, since its creation in 2002, a new comic strip has been available every single day. You may be impressed by its longetivity, but the sheer amount of comics created makes me wonder, sometimes, if the author isn’t cursing himself for even starting on the project. Today’s subject is a spoof of pop culture with grand ambitions on educating its readers.

Oh, and it’s made of Lego.

Most of the time.

Readers, I give you The Webcomic Overlook review of Irregular Webcomic!

The Halls of Moria!
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