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Shameless Ad: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 5 on DVD!

Seriously, man! Season 5 exclusive content here.

OK, so the m80 marketing group contacted me on behalf of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and asked if I could post an ad for the new DVD on my site. Now, normally I don’t go in for these ad requests … but I’d just made a crack in my previous post (Truck Bearing Kibble) about how Time-Warner needs to start paying me for the free promotion I do. And, dammit, the irony (and the actually getting reimbursed part) was just too tempting to pass up. Besides, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is one of the few things left on Adult Swim that I’d willingly shill, so there you go.

And … hmmm…. It sure would be nice for Paul Allen to personally deliver me Seattle Seahawks season tickets for all the shilling I do!


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