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Webcomics Are Sexy 4: Live Free and Die Sexy

That’s right, folks, it’s time for Webcomics Are Sexy 3 4!  (Pfffff… I even used the exact same “Tokyo Drift” joke.  Someone shoot me.)  Legitimately sexy webcomics have received much acclaim in past years, overcoming the stigma of the sleazy adult shop dirty book. Funny medieval tales and stories about Victorian robot sex machines have crept their way ever so boldly into many people’s “Best Of” lists.

And then there’s everything else.

Incidentally, does anyone here remember Sarah Zero? I panned it back in the day. Despite all that, it turns out that Stef Marcinkowski is a pretty chill dude, and he’s taken the whole criticism in stride.


Anyway, Stef has this event going on: the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive. What’s that all about, ye ask? Apparently, there’s plenty of rules surrounding the thing, but these two are the most important:

  • Draw one (or more) of your comic’s characters nude
  • Post the image to your website on Valentine’s Day. Your image may be a vote incentive, hidden behind a NSFW button or be proudly displayed on your site’s main page. It’s totally up to you.

Man, drawing dirty comics for Valentine’s Day? That way more risque than the Valentine I remember! You know: candy hearts, Super-Friends Valentines, saints gaining martyrdom after being violently executed, etc. Anyway, the promotion was so damn shameless and gleeful ribald that I couldn’t help but give it a shout-out. If you’re a webcomic creator, and you don’t mind the extra publicity by drawing your characters naked, why not give it a shot?

(And if you do mind, Stef does give you an out: ” In keeping with the spirit of the VDSD, it’s important to deliver what the fans want, but many participants continue to create unexpected, clever and hilarious interpretations of what nude means to them. If you really don’t want to show any naughty bits, you could always creatively cover them up, kinda like that scene in Austin Powers, ha ha. Be true to yourself and your brand, and especially your audience. Have fun!”)

Now, on to Webcomics Are Sexy. What are webcomics finding sexy these days?


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W3bcomics Are S3xy 3: Tokyo Drift

Welcome, boys and ghouls, to the Webcomic OverSPOOK! Get ready to witness scenes of vile, unspeakable horror and blood-curdling terror! Steel yourself for the latest edition of “Webcomics are scarrrrrrry!” It’s the season where the wind turns … uh … warm … and the sun … shines…. and the rains abate?

Wait a minute.

It’s still June? Then what’s this Jack-o-Lantern doing on my desk? … Wait. Upon closer inspection, it’s a ball of rubber bands.


Might as well do another “Webcomics Are Sexy” piece, then! Starting with one that packs a little … BITE.

Mu hu ha ha ha.

This piece and the links are TECHNICALLY Safe for Work. However, there are several images and links of bare female (and in one case, male) flesh, which I wouldn’t be too comfortable having on my screen if my boss were wandering about. So proceed with the utmost caution.

So what do webcomic creators find sexy these days?

Vampire Cheerleaders

This should be straight up fanservice, right? I mean, vampires are sexy, all dark and brooding and such. And so are cheerleaders, which gives the excuse to draw short skirts. Put those together and what do you get? V-A-M-P-C-H-E-E-R-L-E-A-D-E-R-S! Goooooo… team!

We follow around Heather, who gets chosen by the Vampire Cheerleaders as their new squad mate. As part of her initiation, she had to suck her parents dry, and I don’t mean financially. This is pretty creepy by the way. The vampire bite has always been associated with sex. It doesn’t help matters that Heather gets a glossy-eyed look of ecstasy after plunging her sharp, wet fangs into mom and dad.


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Webcomics Are Sexy 2: The Sexyning

Looking back at my previous Webcomics Are Sexy piece, I noticed two of the four examples were boob-related. Ooh, a bold statement: webcomics where girls have big boobs are sexy. Clearly, webcomic sexiness can be so much more. Webcomics are about stretching the boundaries, going to new frontiers of sexiness more fantastic than what we’ve seen before. So what do webcomics find sexy? Let’s find out… again.

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Webcomics Are Sexy

So what is it that webcomic creators find sexy? Sexy webcomics are all the rage, what with Lauren Davis expounding on pornographic webcomics at her site (link NSFW) and adult collectives becoming news over at Robot 6 (link perhaps SFW).

Let’s face it… sex sells. So what makes a webcomic sexy? In its continued quest for tasteful excellence, the Webcomic Overlook takes a look at a few of the most important assets that make titillation fun for people of all ages. What elements deliver the wow-wow-wee? The answers may surprise you.

Be warned, while the following is not exactly NSFW, you probably don’t want to get caught at work staring at them anyway.

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