The Webcomic Overlook #12: Scary Go Round

There are very few webcomics in existence whose artwork would translate well into the traditional print medium. Most webcomic artists would not be offered a paying job at a comic book company since the art is usually passable at best.

That’s why I was thrilled when I saw artwork from the webcomic I’m reviewing today. My first impression was that the art that would find a good home at one of those counterculture alternative imprints, like Vertigo or Fantagraphics. The content and namge suggest a dark comedy with Harry-Potter-esque fantasy elements. My expectations went through the roof.

I’ve always been a fan of well-done stories that placed fantasy elements in modern times, from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics to Mike Resnick’s oddball Stalking the Unicorn. I consider them to be the proud continuation of a noble tradition, which in the past have included some great works like Alice In Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. And for you anime lovers out there, there’s InuYasha.

Of course, it’s quite easy for a fantasy/modern world story to go off the rails. Terry Brooks’ Magic Kingdom of Landover series, anyone? But I pressed on with giddy confidence anyway, hopeful that the artwork I’d seen would be the x-factor that would place webcomic firmly in the win column.

Today’s Webcomic Overlook will look at John Allison’s Scary Go Round.

Super Best Friends Society

John Allison is a member of Dumbrella, a comic collective that has also spawned notable webcomics Wigu and Diesel Sweeties (which has somehow managed to get printed in newspaper funny pages). According to Wikipedia, Scary Go Round was named one of the best webcomics of 2004 by The Webcomics Examiner and given good reviews by both The Sunday Times and The Morining Star. All good signs.

So I click onto the first page of the webcomic and… I start to wonder if I’d stumbled onto the wrong Scary Go Round.

This isn’t hyperbole. I’d thought for a second there that perhaps that the name Scary Go Round had once been appropriated by another webcomic artist who had done a Penny Arcade-style series about two college chums (only they were women), and John Allison had purchased the rights to the name but kept the old webcomic around for nostalgic reasons.

The tone was more mellow than I expected. The characters were unfamiliar from what I’d seen, and they looked like they’d be more at home in a Thursday night NBC sitcom about young hip New York professionals. Even when the story eventually got to the supernatural twist, it was less wacky than I’d hoped.

What was going on here?

What I should have guessed is that Scary Go Round, like most webcomics, is a continually evolving series. It’s the kind that strays far from its origins to become something new and different. However, SGR, like David Bowman, was on the evolutionary fast track. By the time I’d jumped onto the series, it had metamorphized into a webcomic completely unrecognizable from the first strips.

Tessa and Rachel

The Second Coming Of Shelley Winters

At the beginning of the series, the main characters are Tessa and Rachel. They’re two journalism students and bar owners. The two are nearly indistinguishable from each other, except that Rachel wears the hipster Buddy Holly glasses. It’s clear from the beginning they were meant to be the central focus of the ensemble cast.

Things don’t always work out as originally planned.

Tessa and Rachel have major roles in one more story — “Chapter 7: Dimensionality” — but from that point on, they’re on the long, inevitable road to Obsurity: Population Two. They’re in the webcomic less and less, and … well, let’s just say that, in their latest appearances, the two wouldn’t be winning any Best Friends of the Year Awards.

So who is the Popeye to Tessa and Rachel’s Thimble Theatre?

In “Chapter 2: Science Fair,” perky redhead Shelley Winters makes her stunning debut … by dying. Oddly enough, this single act may have established her as the star of Scary Go Round. First of all, her death forces the rest of the ensemble cast to deal with it. And second, it also turns her into the most adorable zombie ever. Shelley stands out of the cast by being an eccentric weirdo. And this is has been proven to be the best way to pick up fans, because, to coin a phrase from a later strip, “they’re the natural audience for all [Shelley’s] gnome talk.”

Obsessive Wonks

And as if Shelley needed something more to bolster her street cred, she’s also the main practitioner of one of the strip’s most distinctive aspects: its non-sensical gibberish.

The dialogue is laced with crazy non sequiturs, childlike observations, and just general nonsense. In a 2004 interview with Kung Fu Rodeo, John Allison described his writing style as “the sound of words being mangled as they are forced out under extreme external pressure.” Shelley isn’t the only one with the weird dialogue; pretty much every character, to some extent, is guilty. Yet, they take on an extra level of bizarre when spoken with a generous helping of Shelley’s unflaggable glee.

Shelley’s tattooed friend, Amy Chilton, plays the straight woman. She’s the one who offers a relatively sane point of view, odd since she has been in as many strange adventures as the redheaded dynamo.

And so Shelley and Amy become the strip’s Tessa and Rachel. One suspects that if Tessa and Rachel had remained the main characters, the story would have not been different. I mean, you still have two twent-somethings anchoring the series. However, Shelley and Amy are vastly more interesting characters, and it is to everyone’s benefit that it’s on their capable, broad shoulders that the sizable burden of the webcomic rests.

Scary Evolution
Shelley vs. The Zombie
Earlier, I mentioned that Scary Go Round evolves rapidly. The webcomic embraces change. Each chapter introduces new twists in character development. Amy, for example, goes from being a smelly and spoiled daddy’s girl to being the most responsible and level-headed member of the cast. The character of Tim Jones remains the same personality wise, but he’s thrust in different roles: from drinking buddy to inventor to fiancee to mayor.

Also, new characters are constantly being introduced. The most significant new characters, The Boy and Dark Esther, were introduced as late as Chapter 20. The injection of new blood changes relationships and keeps the webcomic fresh and interesting.

On the downside, several characters who had been somewhat important sometimes are tossed off into obscurity. Tessa and Rachel I’ve already covered. Hugo, an Indian hepcat, factors into plots early yet gets relegated to rare cameo appearance in later chapters. For the most part, this is a good strategy: too often, webcomics hang on to uninteresting characters just because they were created.

I have to take issue, though, with how John Allison has handled Shelley’s sister, Erin Winters. Her main sin, it seems, was that she was too straightlaced. (Or as Amy says, in what seems like expositionary justification, “Erin only had two settings, ‘Bossy’ and ‘Whiny.”) So what did Allison do? He transformed her from a mousy bookworm into a sexy Amazon. It’s a little reminiscent of her sister’s own human-to-zombie transformation. Yet, I thought it was forced, off-putting, and unnecessary. Although Nerdy Shelley may not have been a joy to write, I felt that she filled the needed role of a grounded, normal personality while the rest of the world went zonkers. Turning her into Sexy Shelley was like creating a whole new character who had no resemblances to the original.

However, the most jarring change happened during Chapter 24, when John Allison first switched from drawing the webcomic in Adobe Illustrator and began drawing in a more traditional style.

Shelley Vs. Shelley

Now, in the back of my mind, I had known this was coming. I’d initially discovered Scary Go Round through the attractive handdrawn art. Yet that didn’t prepare me for the slight disorientation I felt when the series finally switched styles. On the first page of Chapter 24, Allison explains that he changed styles because he was “starting to find it very boring to work on.” He also knew that the change might cause some fans to part ways with his webcomic.

Parts of the webcomic did suffer. There were supernatural beasties during the Adobe Illustrator run, yet the simplistic style made them look absolutely adorable. Under the new drawing style, though, the creatures — while still adhering to simple geometric forms — look more menacing.

Shelley suffers a bit from the new style as well. Before, she seemed like a bit of a ditz, but that was fine when coupled with her youthful and innocent looks. She was like Erin Esurance with more spunk. With her new looks, though, she starts to resemble a balmy cat lady in training. Actually, she reminds me most of Emma Thompson’s harried writer character from Stranger Than Fiction.

Overall, though, I highly approve of the new style. Later chapters tackle more gothic subject matters — such as Devil Nuns and The End of the World — and the artwork suits it nicely.

And a lot of the characters do look great in the new style. The ones with the most improved looks are the members of the Tackleford Grammar School. The Boy — and by the way, it’s never fully explained why he’s only referred to as The Boy (though he DOES have a name) — and Dark Esther are far more attractive when rendered in the Charles Addams style art. In retrospect, their original character designs were far too sedate. I guess it’s not surprise that when John Allison started to draw Scary Go Round by hand, the two characters began to play a far more prominent role.

The most dangerous animal of all.

So, to wrap this up, Scary Go Round is one of the few webcomics that I think is so good that it could succeed as a parint comic. Which begs an interesting question: since the print comics are dominated by superheroes, do webcomics provide a much needed outlets for things that are not easily categorized, such as this highly appealing blend of ensemble comedy, sugary dark fantasy, and surreal science fiction? Discuss.

On a final note, while it is rewarding to read the webcomic from start to finish, it isn’t necessary to do so. Each Chapter is a self contained comic. You can skip to Chapter 29, for example, to read a compelling story of robot diplomacy, and then catch up on “back issues” if you want to get better insight on the character of Tim Jones.

Here are my recommendations for the best Scary Go Round stories:

  • Meddling — Shelley comes back as a zombie, and Ryan and Tim help readjust her to real life.
  • Dimensionality — Tessa and Rachel have to rescue Amy from another dimension, where she has somehow become a huge celebrity.
  • Ballad of the Man — A surprisingly touching and sometimes bittersweet story about how Ryan finally finds a perfect soulmate.
  • The Child — A creepy little kid anounced that “Things are going to change.” No one really knows what he’s talking about.
  • Abductions — In my personal favorite story, Shelley must taken on a team of supervillains, all of whom hate her friend, Tim Jones. Plus the return of zombie Shelley!
  • Happy End of the World and Super Crisis Quests — The End of the World begins when Shelley’s sister is seduced by the Wickedest in the World, and it’s up to her and her newly assembled Super Best Friends Society to stop the chain of events from happening.

So if you haven’t done it already, get to it! Read Scary Go Round with your heart full of unfettered glee and and a high threshhold of enjoyment! You have my enthusiastic 5 star blessing.

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)

About El Santo

Somehow ended up reading and reviewing almost 300 different webcomics. Life is funny, huh? Despite owning two masks, is not actually a luchador.

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  1. I’m guessing you weren’t aware of the predecessor to SGR, Bobbins. I had come across it years before SGR; Bobbins was without all the fantasy elements (at least at first), and had far more of a grown-up, slice-of-life feel. And … its lead character was Shelley, who started off nowhere near as ditzy as she became later. The art was of course much more raw; not so much Adobe Illustrator as MS Paint. But see for yourself: the old Bobbins site is still up on Keenspot.

  2. SGR was, through the end of “The Bell” storyline, truly one of the most consistently outstanding online comics. It is therefore a mystery why John Allison proceeded to sabotage it by:

    — Eliminating the “Scary,” turning it into a soapy teen/child dramedy
    — Turning one of the series’ most likeable characters, Hugo, into a foul-tempered, selfish jackass
    — Turning Desmond Fishman from a bizarre yet self-sufficient and delightfully snarky minor character into a developmentally-delayed, fickle child-man needing Shelley to “wipe his pooey bum” while treating Amy, Ryan and her like dirt
    — Ending the comic on the most tepid note possible (endless good-byes and hugging) and relaunching it as a public-school series (Bad Machinery) inexplicably focused on the dullest characters (Shauna and Lottie)
    — Responding to criticism of this last drastic change by erasing his forums in a fit of pique, then offering a non-apology and saying that henceforth he only wants criticism from people he knows personally otherwise it doesn’t constitute “constructive” criticism

    What a terrible, terrible shame.

  3. >except that Rachel wears the hipster Buddy Holly glasses.

    Guess I’d better not tell my brother that when people on the street give him the thumbs-up it’s because they think he’s a cool cat on his way to an open-mike poetry-reading, daddio.

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    seet up an automatic gate opener to your fencing and gafe you add a new objective tto
    the gates life.|Adding the benefit of becoming capable to conveniently open and close the gate even though assisting to develop a new
    barrieer to safeguard your property and family adding safety.
    Obtaining a fencing barrier added to the perimeter of your residence assists to
    develop an obstacle for viewpoint intruders. |Fencing also adss privacy to the
    environment and deters onlookers from peering into your home.
    The final point home owners want when at property relaxing is for their privacy to be compromised.
    |A fence and automatic gate technique help with this.|Weve covered
    juyst some of the most often asked questions about aluminum fence panels.
    of course, many other inquiries thawt could be asked as well.
    If you have any inquiriees that werent covered right here, or
    if you would like additional data about our aluminum fenfe panels, please give us a call aat (800)
    760-5170. |We appear forward to hearing from you.|If you have pets of your personal, you
    do nott wannt other pets or animals coming ingo thee gated
    region of yoir home, which is why you nesd to have to use gate closers to maintain your gate secure.|Thiss setting
    can be your source for mental relaxation, the visual cues
    evoking a faantasy mindet that can tazke you back to your
    childhood, filled with play annd laughter.|It can be quite frustrrating too finijsh a long commute only to have to get out
    of the automobile, open a gate, drive by mewns of it, get out of the auto once more and close thee gate.
    |With this in thoughts anoother trrendy function for your iron driveway gates is
    too install an automatic gate opener. |Electric gates offer
    indispensable convenience, permitting a gte to be opened
    with out ever haviung to leave your auto and as a
    result eliminating all those cumbersome measures.|P.S.
    Remember, in addition to custom custom and carpentry fence installation, in San Francisco, M & L Buildihg
    can also supply retaining wall construction, building wall installations, deck deck and repairs stairs to your specifications.
    |Call Mark right now at (415) 505-6093.|It is essential to prepare the fence posts for years of put
    on and tear beneath the ground. |Chemical commpounds in the soil can eat away at untreated wood.
    |In a few years, untreated fence posts can crumble and the fence can fall than more.
    Get pressure treated or pre-treated fence posts or treat
    tbem your self. You can bbuy wood preservative at anny hardware shop.

    Apply at least three coats onn the bottom oof each fence post.

    |For a ssix foot fence this must be the bottom 2 1/two
    feet of an eight fot post. |Do far more or significantly less if your fence will be taller
    or shorter.|If you do not have all these att home, you can constantly
    ask from a pal or hiree them from a nearby shop.|A regular style of wooden garden gate
    can look stunning but the simple fact that it wasn’t designed particularly for your garden implies that it will not mstch in with each function of your garden. |Generic wooden gates that
    might be hand created but are nevertheless styled for maass production cannot possibly take
    in the different elements oof every single garden and make a universal design aand
    style. For instance you garden furnishings, you could hhave a wondsrfully carved picnic bench that has a distinctive style to it.

    You could have a wooden gte hand produced especially
    tto match this but tto really complement every little
    thing in your garden your wooden garden gate genuinely demands to take
    into consideration other asprcts oof your garden such as
    your garden fence, wooden shed, design and style of your property and even designss of bird tables or other gardden specifics.|Many buyers wonder how pricey aluminum fence panels are.
    |It iis offered in four diffeerent grades to match your spending budget and your demands.
    Some individuals habe the impression that tbis fencing solution is not reasonably priced due too its beauty and curb
    appeal. |When yyou weigh the advantages of
    this product versus other fencing supplies, it iss in reality really
    cost-effective. Aluminum fence paels require no
    painting, staining or maintenance and they will in no way warp or rust.
    |It instasntaneously increases the worth of your house and decreases your headaches.|Be confident to believe
    about how a fence installation will influence each and every
    property owners’ ennjoyment of their personal yard.
    |Privafy Privacy is a massive concern as effectively as the visual appeal.|The final factor that you want when you put your dog
    in the yard is for him to get out by means of the gate,
    which is why you need a gate closer.|Each of these functions will iimpact the cost and your fina choice must
    be rimarily based on your budget and private preference. |As soon as you have taken all these
    points into consideratiin you can narrow down your possibilities and
    choose the very best Driveway Gattes for your particular demands.|If you hve any interest in the development of yourr garden you are
    certainly going to want to think about the style of your wooden gate although.

    There are numerous styles off wooden gazrden gates out there whkch
    you ccan browse the web for continually. Any very good wooden oor timber gates company will also supply the added benefit of a bespoke garden gate style service.

    |Now this is really where a gardenn gate can grow to be a garden ornament also!|This is the most critical element of
    creating a fence. |You hav to brace thhe finbish plsts in place
    with battens or wood off cuts. |Tack thee naails in lightly
    on those bracings so you can very easily get rid of them later.
    |Make positive thst posts are vertical utilizing a spirit level.

    |Also check that prime off the posts are of the appropriate
    height above the ground level. |Andd before we do the concreting for the posts, do a
    last verify that they all are vertical and square in their holes.|If you purchased completed wood then you wont need to ddo something a
    lot more to your fence and gate. |Nonetheless, if you employed unfinished wood or want yeet another colour, then paint when the construction iis comprehensive.
    If you paint the wpod juyst before you create the fence
    aand gate, you mmay harm tthe pajnt although constructing.

    An outside fence requires at least 2 or 3 coats of all climate stain or paint.
    |Allow every coat to dry before applyijg the next.Right after setting
    up all the palings, to fix the gate in place among twwo posts where you decided
    to set it prior to, maintain the gate on pasckers so that
    it will be the needed distance off from the ground for the fence gate.

    |Also place packers at the sides of the gate so the gaps between the gate and posts will
    bee the identical, plus the gate will be rightly positioned.|Onne particular of the final aspects in figuring out the cost of your aluminum fence is the accesszories preferred.
    Extras such aas ornamental finials, distinct colors, puppy pickets, rackability and a
    lot mre will all go into factoring the general expense.
    |Of course the recuced you are hoping too preserve the general expense of the
    fence the fewer alternatives you will want to incorporate when designing your fence.|Fence rails
    are horizontal supports that connect fence posts.
    |They are what fence boards are nailed to.
    Fence rals are normally two by 4 pieces of lumber.
    |There must be two fence rails among each and every post.
    |Nail a single among posts six injches above the ground
    with three 1/2 inch nails. |Make certain the rail is parallel to the
    ground. |The top rail can goo at the top of tthe fence or lose to the top depending on the appear you want.
    |Make positve that it is parallel to the ground and the reduced rail.|As you know,
    a fence can be a lengthy lasting appealing function for your property,
    which will also come in handy when it comes for your privacy.

    No one desires their neighbors creeping about thm 24/7 correct?
    |And nowadays, I’m going to show you How to Build a Woden Fence and
    Gatee by Oneself. Given thaat we are going too using wood, making
    it would be even less difficult than the other methods.

    We will strategy now, style and install an attractive, specialist looking fence, just by following eight simple steps.

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