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WCO #232: Olympus Overdrive


I think Homestuck is seeping into the most treasured crevasses of my brain. I had a generally busy October, which prevented me from updating this site too much. And while I can be a typical LiveJournal parody about how real life got in the way, and how I’m totally going to update and blah blah blah blah blah, but I won’t. I’m a bigger man than that.

I’m going to blame Homestuck.

Darius3 made a humorous comment that clearly Homestuck was the reason for lack of updates, and honesty… it’s not that far off. Not the way that you think, though. For one, typically I can catch up on webcomics by, say, pulling up my iPad or iPhone and reading on my free time. Homestuck is so heavily reliant on Flash that I pretty much have to wait until I get home… and honestly, that’s where I have the least amount of free time. Second, it’s very much a time investment. Someone mentioned it’s longer than the Bible, which I will not doubt for a second. However, reading Homestuck means not reading other webcomics, which, in turn has caused this here webcomic review site to lie barren and fallow.

As a result, I have resolved to take a short break from Homestuck and browse around the other fine webcomics available for perusal. Time for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! One that caught my eye on a purely aesthetic level was submitted for my “Shilled” drive and still has a link on the right sidebar. It’s a little thing called Olympus Overdrive. Created by Oskar Vega, it stars a guy … with the horns … and discolored skin….

Oh, boy.

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 10.43.38 PM

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Metapost: It’s Overlookween! Booga booga booga!

Ohhhh, what’s this, rising from the dead? It’s zombie El Santo! Sppoooookkkkyyyy!

Yup, I’m still around, and yes, this site is still alive. I hate to be one of those guys who chimes in with a “Oh, man, real life’s been busy y’all, and sorry I haven’t updated my blog” folks that get made fun of on … er … MadTV? Is that still a thing? But it’s all completely true. October was nuts. I had to be out of town for a while, a close friend of ours was hospitalized, other traumatic crises happened (some serious illness in the family), and here we are.

I’d hoped to post Part 3 of my MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck review by now, but as you can see, there was no time to read and no time to write. So again, apologies. However, I can also tell you that in the meantime, I was immersed in the scared arts of clowning and puppetry, two of the major themes in Homestuck. Which should give me far more insight into the inner workings of Andrew Hussie’s mind than any other online review ever! (But really, I was learning it to entertain kids at a Halloween party. Though… well, I’m not saying that I’m taking clowning more seriously these days, but I will be at the Seattle Clown Jam next week, so….)

As of now, though, the Webcomic Overlook is off the unofficial October hiatus. So… yaaaayy!

One Punch Reviews #85: Internet Webcomic


There are generic sounding webcomic titles, and there are generic sounding webcomic titles. There’s one variety that follows the Perry Bible Fellowship nomenclature and just tosses some random sounding words together. And then there are the ones that look like they’ll never show up on any online search engine whatsoever. Such is the chase of Internet Webcomic by Mary Tanner, which, against all odds, is somehow the first result to pop up on Google when “internet webcomic” is typed in the search field. Seriously, I expected this to be buried on page 3 or so.


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