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El Santo vs. The Vampire Women

October 2009 will go down in infamy as the month El Santo took on the Vampire Women. Relive those special times by checking out the reviews below.

  1. Eerie Cuties
  2. School Bites
  3. Annyseed
  4. Juliette: Worst Vampire Ever
  5. Abandon: First Vampire
  6. Blood Bound
  7. Danielle Dark
  8. Last Res0rt
  9. My Immortal

Crabcake Confidential

Tangy small-serving reviews, for some reason, that somehow warranted an ultra-obscure rating. Mainly because the creator submitted it, and I feel all sorts of guilty for assigning such a thing with a cold, heartless rating.

  1. Beachnuts
  2. The World of Roodie Doodie
  3. A Fine Example
  4. I Can Has Cheezburger?
  5. Nerf Now!!
  6. Amazing Spider-Man: President’s Day Special
  7. The Prisoner Online Graphic Novel
  8. Rob Liefeld’s Zombie Jesus!/The Beast
  9. The Cape Online Graphic Novel
  10. NHL Guardian Project (The Original Six)
  11. Imaginary Range
  12. Brentalfloss
  13. Never Mind The Bullets
  14. Shockwave, Darkside

You want more crabcakes? Want a taste of some more? With a slice of lime and a tub of tartar sauce? They’re coming. Until then, if I’ve forgotten to update this thing, check the archives.

I’ve also written reviews for other sites. Check out reviews that I’ve done outside of the Webcomic Overlook!

My monthly review on the Comixtalk site.

My reviews at the Comic Fencing site.

  • Geeks Next Door – Are you geek enough?
  • Zuda Comics: Action, Ohio, and Hannibal Goes to Rome – Zuda contestants, fight!
  • Lackadaisy – My second round about the kitties who shoot each other
  • Tales of Pylea – a.k.a. Tales of a Shirtless Aquaman Doppleganger
  • Kidnapped By Gnomes – Do gnomes and politics mix?
  • Multiplex – Thumbs up or thumbs down?
  • No Need For Bushido – This kung-fu will do just fine.
  • Antics – The girl’s Trapper Keeper of webcomics.
  • Applied Living – It’s one of those roommate comics, only wordier. Much, much wordier.
  • Kukuburi – Am I cuckoo for Kukuburi?
  • Gunnerkrigg Court – British board school-rific!
  • Here There Be Robots – Try reading this review and not donning an eyepatch … or developing a huge migrane!
  • Answering the question: “So what about audio reviews?” Here’s Comic Dish! You’ll just have to dig through the other segments, fellas.

    The Warehouse – Bishie-rific!

  1. Hello El Santo

    As a recent reader of your site, I’d be honored it if you could mention my own weekly online comic, ‘Spain & Morocco’ . The story concerns two hapless roommates who decide to go backpacking overseas in hopes of adventure. It has been going strong and picking up steam for nearly a year now, and has been featured on Forbidden Planet, Comics Reporter and Scott McCloud’s website.

    You may also see some of my illustration and animation work at .

    Please let me know if you would like more information.

    Thank you

    Alex Fellows



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