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The 2009 Eisner Nominees for Best Digital Comic

I’m back! Well, sorta. I’m still in vacation mode. Plus, the powercord on my 5-year old PowerBook has given up the ghost and transformed from life-giving supplier of electrons to major fire hazard. I am still awaiting my replacement, which should be arriving from Hong Kong in a while (provided that it wasn’t hijacked by pirates or nothin’).

Anyway, the one big piece of news regarding webcomics is that the nominees for the the Eisner Awards are out! Here they are, via ComixTalk:

Elle Dee at Storming the Tower is a little disappointed that the Eisner noms are a bit obscure. I admit that I haven’t read any of these myself, though I’ve heard good things about The Lady’s Murder and I am impressed by Shadowline’s catalogue. Personally, I think it’s a great sign of the Eisner’s growing awareness of webcomics as a medium. When you start nominating the obscure titles, then that mean’s you’re paying attention.

Plus, the lack of a blockbuster name (like last year’s Joss Whedon) to me at least signals that the award will probably go to a title that deserves it rather than giving a celebrity a consolation prize.

I plan on doing an overview of these titles at some point here on The Webcomic Overlook. Keep your eyes open!

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