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Lasagna Cat is back?

Here’s something I did not expect to be writing in The Year of Our Lord 2017: Lasagna Cat is back.  Long-time followers of this site will remember this parody of Jim Davis’ Garfield comic strips.  The first part is a faithful reenactment of an actual comic, while the second part is an often disturbing music video.  Scratch that: it’s all disturbing.  From the weird Garfield costume to the perfectly coiffed hair on Jon.  Also, for some reason, there’s a 4-hour video that dares you to sit through all the results of a sex survey as hosted by Garfield, Odie, and Jon.

It’s madness… but this whole world has gone mad, so you might as well watch some Lasagna Cat.

Domain name blues

Hey, y’all! I didn’t want to be one of those people whose every post is: “Hi, I am on hiatus, will be updating soon.” Which is why: radio silence. Basically, work and life get in the way. I promise I’ll be back soon once I get the time. (Moving houses and unpacking is damn time consuming, fellas.)

Anyway, it was brought to my attention by a reader over at the AV Club that my domain name had expired. I had planned on settling this… but like I said, busy times. But, hey… we’re van in business! is registered once again…. as is for some reason. Computers, what do they do?

Up next, I am gearing up for Emerald City Comic Con. So if you’re headed that way… I’m the guy dressed up as Dr. Mid-Nite. The ONLY guy dressed up as Dr. Mid-Nite.

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