The Webcomic Overlook #62: Grim Tales From Down Below


One day, I will be reduced to a quivering neurotic heap in need of serious psychiatric help. It’s a question of “when,” not “if.” And when I get the bill, I’m forwarding it to loyal reader Christopher. Why? Because of comments like this, which showed up in my review of Vinson Ngo’s, nee Bleedman’s, Sugar Bits:

Grim Tales From Down Below really isn’t bad in a fun way. I mean, the Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi is awful, but the nostalgic concept of having all the good cartoons fight all the bad ones is kind of neat, and reciting all of Dexter’s super-dramatic monologues in his trademark accent is fun. It moves along at a semi-brisk pace and it’s over quickly.

Grim Tales though… man. To answer an earlier question, yes, Mandy grew up, married Grim, and somehow had kids with him. And that is not NEARLY the most disturbing thing that happens in Grim Tales. And the thing is, unlike the PPG doujinshii, Grim Tales is INCREDIBLY BORING. It’s much closer to Sugarbits in that respect.

Read that again. Now ask yourself: is there anything in the world that would keep me from taking a look at Grim Tales? There are few things more alluring than cultural dreck. I may never have the guts to climb perilous cliff faces, go skydiving, or even think about braving the Moab in a flimsy little Jeep… but, goddammit, I can prove that I can survive the most mind-numbing movies, books, and comics known to man!

Even better, it seems that recently Grim Tales and the rest of the Bleedman Unholy Trinity (Sugar Bits, reviewed here, and Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi, reviewed here) has been brought back from the dead. On a chance click to the Snafu Comics site, I came to the joyous revelation that all three comics had been updated. My eyes welled with tears of morbid fascination. It was like Bleedman had given me an early Christmas present. Little did it cross my mind that Christopher’s post was not a challenge, but rather, a dire warning. Oh, if only I’d listened.

If there were a time to heed Dante Alighieri’s warning of “Abandon hope all ye who enter here,” this would be the time. It only took 10 pages for me to start clawing at my eyes. 30 pages for me to start muttering, “What the hell, Bleedman. What the HELL?!?!?!” And thus began my accursed descent into incomprehensible awfulness and stupidity.

Abandon hope.


The story starts off with two skeletal kids named Minimandy (nicknamed “Minnie”) and Grim, Jr. And yes, these two moppets are kids of Grim and Mandy from “The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.” How did these two end up having babies? I’ll tell you later, since that’s a horror story in itself. Anyway, Grim, looking more square-jawed these days, is still sportin’ that wild Jamaican accent, mon. Mandy, meanwhile, is taking advantage of her new MILF status by walking around not wearing pants, even in front of her kids. I imagine that this gratuitous Mandy fanservice will ultimate disappoint Grim Adventures fans, though, since Mrs. Grim looks a lot less like Mandy and a lot more like a heavy-browed Sailor Venus.

Wow, what a load of … uh, what a delightful and wholly original premise, huh? So where precisely does Grim Tales transcend from a figurative, literary Hell to a literal one? Dear reader, please observe a list that I like to call The Seven Deadly Sins of Grim Tales.

1.) Annoying little twerps for heroes. My guess is that we’re supposed to see Minimandy as highly capable yet distant like any number of anime ice queens, and we’re supposed to sympathize with Grim Jr. for his feelings of inadequacy and helplessness. This never happens. In fact, it doesn’t take long to develop a keen and burning hatred toward both of these idiots. For her part, Minnie never comes across as exercising any independent thought. She’s either controlled by her emotions for her brother (more on that later) or controlled by the expectations of older people. Let’s just say that I was very disappointed to learn that she was not, in fact, a Fembot. The only thing missing from her blank face (standard settings: apathy and furious rage) is a small drip of drool coming out the side of her mouth.

And yet, somehow, by some sort of ungodly miracle, Minimandy turns out not to be the biggest tool in the entire comic. That honor belongs to her brother, Grim Jr. If his dumbass emo hoodie and grating EXTREME attitude doesn’t immediately put you off, there’s this: he’s seriously the whiniest little bitch on the entire planet. From the moment we meet him, he won’t shut up how no one pays attention to him because his sister is so precious. And when he does whine and bitch, he pulls the world’s most slap-worthy “Woe is me” face. There’s a difference between creating a severely flawed character and a sniveling crybaby. The first one lets you believe there’s a glimmer of redemption in the character, while the second should be slapped hard and often.

2.) Too many goddamn cameos. I wrote earlier how I could forgive at least some of the fanfic aspects of Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi (reviewed here). Yet, as Grim Tales dragged on, from one accursed page to the next, I found myself far less forgiving this time around. Seriously… Spawn? Nightmare Before Christmas? Wherever the hell this jackass is from? Danny Phantom? Him from the Powerpuff Girls? Joe Black?

Seriously, f***ing Joe Black? Does anyone even remember that movie?

At least with his Powerpuff Girls comic, you could almost believe that Dexter and the girls were going to the same school. This time around, though, each and every “guest appearance” seems entirely needless and totally gratuitous.

For example, is there anything more pointless than committing three pages to the “This is Halloween” sequence from Nightmare Before Christmas? Take this sequence out, and you lose nothing but you gain A LOT. Why? Because if you have any affection for the song, then you’d prefer to leave your memories untainted.


3.) Terrible, TERRIBLE dialogue. Bleedman’s love for epic levels of text hits the critical point in this comic. It’s not only a chore to read through, but it’s so painful that long term exposure will probably kill you. It ranges from minor infractions, like the decision to have Grim use “Fook!” as a Jamaican-accented euphemism. Yet it balloons to terrible, terrible missteps like equating purple prose with intellectual talk. Consider this gem from resident poet Minimandy, which pops up on the very first page:

Pray tell, what is this sound that pierces mine ears? It sings of loneliness and longing — my heart bleeds from the very whisper of it! Is it the voice of souls tormented in the shadows, or merely the wind that sweeps past us?

Bleedman: it’s OK to listen to something other than My Chemical Romance.

4.) No plot whatsoever. Or, should I say, “Goddammit, I am not going to read this bullshit again just so I can determine if there was a plot in the first place.” Spoiler warnings ahead … like you care.

It somehow stems from Minimandy and Grim Jr. being step-siblings. Minimandy is actually the daughter of Mandy and Nergal, which is where Minnie inherits her Witchblade powers. (Sigh.) From what I gather, this is part of some sort of underworld genetic experiment to turn Minimandy into the most powerful being in the universe. Thus, she’s coveted by various Spawn and Powerpuff Girls characters.

So when she’s killed, and … uh … Grim Jr. somehow morphs into cybernetic killing machine fueled by the sheer power of his tragic emo-ness. And then … er …

You know what? F*** this noise. You can read it yourself if you’re interested. Let’s move on.


5.) You knew this was coming: incest. Admit it: from the moment I said that the stars for the comic were a brother/sister duo, and especially after seeing Bleedman’s renditions of Minnie is several jailbait outfits, you sorta expected this was coming. Fortunately, Bleedman doesn’t take it to the levels that Jay Naylor does in Better Days (reviewed here). The furthest this has been taken (so far) is Grim Jr. placing a kiss on Minnie’s lips, breaking a spell that restores her Catholic schoolgirl shame.

In some ways, though, that makes it worse. It plays like a scene from one of those PG-rated anime titles, what with all the blushing and impotent hand-wringing and the slaps to the faces … only that the romantic duo happen to be related. Ewwwwww.

6.) Sad attempts at shock value. “Sad” in the sense that you sorta read it, click over to the next page, and then think, “Huh, I think I was supposed to be offended by something.” Then you click the back button and sorta go, “Oh yeah. ABORTION.”

Or, similarly, “I get it. We’re supposed to be shocked because she has no hands.”

Or, “Oh. She slit her throat.”

Shockers so transparent and obvious that they barely work up a smirk. I liken them to those crude drawings we used to make in the fourth grade of helicopters shooting bullets into the poor soldiers down below, only with higher production values.

This next one is very closely related, but I think it merited a “sin” all of its very own.

7.) Mind blowing stupidity. I suppose this could be a blanket statement that could cover pretty much the entirety of Grim Tales From Down Below, but there’s one incident, in particular, that is probably the King of All Stupidity In Webcomics. It boils down to why Grim married Mandy. Going beyond the obvious questions of “What kind of fruitcake decides to ship Grim and Mandy in the first place?” there’s the question of attraction.

Now, there’s no sense of affection coming from Mandy to Grim, which I suppose is inline with the robotic nature of her character. Also, I suspect that Bleedman (at least when he wrote it) has no idea how women actually talk, and thus decided to forego any attempt in the first place. However, Grim is insanely attracted to Mandy. Why?

Because Mandy’s a leader of some Nazi superwarriors who take over the world while looking fabulous in a business suit.


“OK, that’s pretty stupid,” you say. “But number one sin? I was expecting something truly horrible. It’s not like he made Mandy personally responsible for 9-11, did he?”

Nope. He did.

And not just that. He also says she was responsible for Katrina. And the Boxing Day Tsunami, which I understand killed 350,000 people. And basically the whole Iraq War. Wow. Why not throw the 2006 Mumbai subway bombings, eh? Now, no doubt most of you find this absolutely tasteless. And it IS! But lest we be too judgmental and accuse Mr. Ngo of transparently attempting to be “edgy,” let’s let the guy defend himself. Here’s a snippet from his blog (if you want to read the full version, scroll to the bottom of this link — and incidentally, our should be very nervous that I only posted a small snippet below):

I felt a bit nervous when I started making these pages. And I can truly understand if I have made some people very upset over it .But at least hear me out..

I too am entitled to express my point of view.

I was just trying to find ways how I can relate the concept of the characters with our real world.

I guess we’ll start off with Mandy. What I love about Mandy as a character is that she sees the real world, not some idealistic “only good and justice prevails freedom for all and love is everything screwed up”wonderland.

Although she’s just a fictitous cartoon character, for me she’s someone I can trully relate in our world.

You can’t really blame Mandy for what she did, she’s only doing her job as the Grim Reaper, sure she made the plans. But that’s what every Grim Reaper should do (remember the movie Final Destination) At the same time Mandy is a reincarnation of all evil, her existence is the source of humanity’s darkest and most cruel essence. While Billy on the other hand and is a representation and a source of man’s stupidity .And because mankind welcomes both evil and stupidity so willingly Mandy is able to carry out her plans.

In short, Mandy simply presented her ideas to mankind and mankind simply accepted it with open arms.

( Because we am dumb and bad humans.)

I know this is going to sound funny from soneone who writes marathon-sized reviews, but I’d like to share a word of advice to you webcomic writers out there: never explain the rationale behind your bonehead decisions in a rambling blog post. More specifically, never explain the rationale behind your bonehead decision behind an overly indulgent, insulting, nonsensical, bullshit rambling blog post ripped out of a tear-stained diary entry when you were feeling really, really depressed. There is no way you will ever come off as anything other than a crazy person.

I really shouldn’t have to explain to you why it’s a dumb idea to use real world disasters as a plot point. I will point out, though, that better writers can make it work. I’m sure Trey Parker and Matt Stone could’ve transformed the same themes into a biting comedy. What’s the most insulting about the “controversial” panel in Grim Tales? The fact that it’s surrounded by the world’s worst writing.

I mean… up until this point, we’ve had silly Spawn cameos, a lengthy Nightmare Before Christmas sequence, some goofy story about Billy and Mandy taking turns as Grim Reaper, a Teletubbies cameo — and now we’re supposed to seriously accept this grade school assessment on the natural badness of the human condition? Really? REALLY? The worst part is that, according to Wikipedia, Bleedman ran a poll whether or not to keep the 9-11 strips, and his fans unsurprisingly voted to keep it. I’m not going to argue that Grim Tales fans aren’t fine, upstanding arbiters of good taste. Yet, is there any reason to run this poll other than to pass the blame for your awful storytelling decisions onto your readers?

I really think Bleedman is a decent artist. I find illustrations to be quite attractive, whether it’s the cartoony illustrations from earlier in Grim Tales to the later attempts at trying something darker. But he’s an awful writer, and that’s what makes Grim Tales a torture to read. It’s terrible fanfiction from the deepest circles of Hell.

Bleedman, please do yourself a favor and turn off the goddamn Cartoon Network (or whatever it’s called in the Philippines), go online and find someone who writes a decent comic but is a terrible artist, team up with them and create some magic. Not problem with drawing characters that aren’t yours? No problem! Most of the time, you’re drawing characters you didn’t create, either! It’s a win-win situation!

Rating: 1 star (out of 5)

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  1. Mini Mandy’s actually the daughter of Nergal Jr., meaning Nergal is her grandfather. Not that it makes any of this any better. Oh God. I honestly don’t care much for Bleedman’s artwork, even. I suppose by itself, it’s not that bad, but seeing all these different shows in the same manga style just kind of bores me after a while and some of it just doesn’t work at all. For example, what’s with HIM being so manga bad-ass and not the least bit effeminate? But, yeah, you picked up on everything I hate about this comic: He just tries so damn hard to be edgy that it just sucks all together.

  2. As I said above, what really gets me about Grim Tales is that Bleedman has taken all this Mondo Cane nonsense and made it incredibly boring.

    With all that tasteless nonsense flying about it should at least be entertaining in a freak show kind of way, but it isn’t.

    To be simultaneously this offensive and this boring takes some real anti-talent.

  3. You’re not weaseling out of my mental health bill, buddy.

  4. Where as Ngo was content to broadcast his taste in late night entertainment in disturbing but fairly mild panty shots and a spanking scene in PPG doujinshi, he has made his loli fetish so central to Sugar Bits and Grim Tales that I am beginning to fear that I risk incarceration every time I check for an update.

    He is not the worst I have read however. Try reading sailor moon fanfiction written by a deaf geologist with a substandard grasp of conversational grammar., go ahead I dare ya. Though I will say while the fellow certainly lacks Bleedman’s artistic polish he does forego the fanboy fetishizing and tries to tell stories consistent with the original characters and plots.

  5. Dont be mean, I read Grim Tales and I enjoyed it, the cameos are fun and although I ordinarily hate the main characters in Fan fic I took quite a liking to Grim Jnr. & Minnie.

  6. I try not to be mean when I can, Tegan. 🙂 I understand everyone has different opinions, and the popular webcomics (like Grim Tales) wouldn’t have gotten there if there weren’t fans. I try to let everyone speak their piece on this site, whether or not they agree with me.

  7. So we get nothing but eye candy in the end. But isn’t that what reading fan comics is all about?

  8. I,personally, LOVE the comic Grim Tales From Down Below. I found it yesterday online and couldnt stop reading!!! So i guess thats what i think

  9. grim tales is one of the bast comics i ever red i meen it beta than most of this so calld pro stuff it makes naruto and one pices look like shit and if he continus it colud be beta than bleach or ifin dragon ball (frgiv my spelling im drunk)

  10. Just to let you know who ever reviwied this comic is a compleat and uter fucking retard to let u know i just changed my name it was just tony and i still love Grim Taels you go bleedmon keep at it u rock

  11. i know i did put some rash comments and i stand bay them if u dont like the comic just say coz i finde your revew very unfer the reson i put thes comment up is coz i got my e-mail thing rong.

  12. Thank you for your comments, Top Gear Tony. I don’t think the WordPress program worries too much about e-mail addresses. I think it only asks about e-mail to defray spammers and such. It does tend to do funny things on the icon they assign you, though!

  13. Grim tales isn’t exactly the worst, but it’s not the best. I love the artwork, but the only reasons I can tolerate reading it is 1. I love some of the shows that are thrown into it (Like Nightmare Before Christmas and Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy)
    2. I am bored ( it is something to do, and since my school doesn’t allow you to log onto onemanga or youtube I’ll read it.)

    “Bleedman, please do yourself a favor and turn off the goddamn Cartoon Network (or whatever it’s called in the Philippines), go online and find someone who writes a decent comic but is a terrible artist, team up with them and create some magic. Not problem with drawing characters that aren’t yours? No problem! Most of the time, you’re drawing characters you didn’t create, either! It’s a win-win situation!”

    I think you’re right. He needs to find someone who is a great writer, and character designer and he’ll have something great!

  14. Your school lets you read this?

  15. well you like the comic or not, that doesn’t change that bleedman got a lot of fans because of his comics! >_>
    also I think he’s really good at artwork and drawing!

  16. Doesn’t mean it’s good writing.

  17. Hello,
    I have find Bleedman’s artwork on Deviantart website and then link to complete archive of this comic. I read it all and I like it. It may be not the best story that could be written about Grim and Mandy (actually it’s mainly not about them), but it’s interesting to read and see how author mixed it with other worlds and stories. Take it as IT IS. A free fantasy based on author’s favorite characters, experience, vision, taste and feelings. I was disturbed by 9-11 panel, but not more than when I see “Never Forget” sticker on passing car and realizing that , YES, we are forgetting. We replaced pain with slogan and then forget what it was for. – It’s kind’a normal healing process I think. – Any way I like Bleedman’s artwork and coloring. I would like to see new story, when Grim Jr. will find himself and his reason to be. When Minnie will lost her loving and nice girl characteristics (they are not fit in the family) and develop more Mandy’s attitude – cold , rational and deadly logical. I would like to see how mom Mandy changed and how Grim Sr. changed as life next to her should straighten his character to something that she would be like to live with – otherwise Mandy would eat him and became The Ripper herself. I would like to know why these two decided to have kids there should be a logical reason otherwise Mandy would make someone do it for her 8) . … I think I’m talking too much. 8) …. I hope you got my point of view.

    Final word: – I don’t think it’s that bad as this review said (otherwise I would see a lot of good stories around) .

    P.S. – I would recommend author of this review to see very good movie – Ratatouille. – and Yes, I remember who Joe Black is.

    • Thanks for the comment, Issumbosi! And thanks for the “Ratatouille” recommendation. I’ve seen bits and pieces of the movie, but I haven’t had time to see the whole thing. Coincidentally, I do have a rather famous “Ratatouille” quote in my “About the Site” page.

  18. its not that bad i personally would give a 3 outta 5, that means average….the thing that led you to giving it 1 out of 5 is probably the section on stupidity…well the original show is about grim(the not-so-menacing reaper)mandy(probably a evil fearless genius) and billy( an idiot) so how far can a Fanfiction steer away from the stupidity….besides, the things you talk about how stupid it is and a lot of other details apply to almost all fantasy that is based on horror but have comedy in it so it is not particularly fair to use it as a point…

  19. personally i’m neutral, i mean you can think its stupid OR its creative in some sense…I heard people say BLEEDMAN IS A SERIOUS FUCKTARD and I seen people say BLEEDMAN’S A GENIOUS!

    His comics have views a little too extreme lol

  20. heh, I got my email wrong too…sorry

  21. oh and to bleedman, erm, why does the muscel ghostly guy have thick eye-brows?

  22. Guilty Bystander

    If you don’t like the comic, then shut up and read something else.

    • I like you, GB. That’s basically what I was trying to say. Took me 2000 words to say it, I’m afraid, but I’ve always been a bit logarheic.

  23. man! the person who wrote this is a suckin-idiot!
    if the writer is so clever..why not you make the story?!
    it at least make bleedman took hard 4years to complete GT
    if you are so clever…proof it! your not a genuis with all your freakin-tok!

    • Wow. The auto-generated avatar actually works out with that post.

      Anyway, the “why not you make the story” or similar arguments hardly ever hold water. Try extending that argument to every other medium and you’ll see why.

      Movies: “If the movie critic is so clever, why doesn’t he go film his own movie and show how it’s supposed to be done?”

      Sports: “If the sports critic really wants to criticize Oscar De La Hoya, why doesn’t he go in the ring and prove how it’s done?”

      Simple answer: critics are irascible jerks who live to tear down the works of everyone else. More complex answer: because you don’t have to be good at the medium to be a critic. Roger Ebert is the best movie critic around, and his only screenplay was for the awful “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.” Martin Scorcese is one of the best directors around, but I don’t know if I’ll ever read his movie reviews.

      Besides, just because you worked on something for four years doesn’t mean that the final output is anything less than garbage.

  24. Hello, Well I would say we are discuss Bleedman’s work here not El Santo’s critique. And I would think twice before called someone you don’t know in a negative way. Not me, no need to show your level of cultural education here. Now back to comics and review. Review was posted as personal view of author and should stimulate you to get your own. If you not argee post your review about the comix, not emmotions. I beleive Epilogue is posted on Snafu-Comix and now it is the end of the explanation how Minnie got her look. I believe GT is very promissing idea and I would like to see new story and development of the characters.

  25. Well I didn’t think the comic was so bad. I don’t see why you critisize so much. It was actually interesting with great pictures. The connections with all the cartoons was kinda tiresome tho. I liked Grim Junior and Minnie they were so cute (not together, ew). Of course the incest was creepy, but over all it was good.

  26. Grim Tales is over. Or so I thought. Apparently, Bleedman’s planning a sequel and has gone back to the Powerpuff Girls thing. I really wish he’d try something different with a more competent writer.

    • You know, I ran across the final panel of “Grim Tales” once and I admit I scratched my head. Did that look like any semblance of an ending to anyone? Still, I guess it makes just about as much sense as anything else in the comic.

  27. finally someone speaking the truth outloud from this pedoman’s comic. i thought everyone was stupidized by this shit by now

  28. One thing I notice is that Chapter 2 credits Heather M. Solomon for part of the story, while Bleedman is also credited with the story.

    El Santo, do you think the story is better, worse, or the same when Solomon is and when Solomon is not involved in the writing?

  29. Actually, I thought Chapter 2 is where Grim Tales went off the rails. I’m a little surprised that Bleedman didn’t completely write it, but I guess I see a shift in the tone (even when compared to the Powerpuff Girls comic). Chapter 2 is written by some who embraces character development as the most important thing when writing a story. However, since she is so inexperienced with writing good characters, she falls back to some really terrible cliches that were likely picked up from a particularly bad anime.

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  31. I was looking through some pictures of Amy Rose (You know, Sonic the Hedgehog?) and found a version of Amy in Bleedman style and then found out about the comics. I was really excited about it because i saw some characters that i recognised and thought it was a cartoon/comic like Ruby Gloom(I LOVE that show!) but with a twist of action in it. I was wrong. Very wrong. I had read tid-bits of some of Bleedman comics and found myself not wanting to read anymore of it. It was that bad. Brother and sister looking like they’re about to kiss and then people cutting themselves and all this crap about demon powers and evil souls and the Devil…i just got completely put off by it all. Yeah I agree the review here and wish that Bleedman should go and team up with a writer that actually knows of what he is DOING. I really love the art work and style but was deeply disappointed in the whole plot/story…thing, whatever it is.
    I like the characters though!

  32. The comments on this review are almost as funny as the review itself.

  33. Fuck you reviewer! Grim tales was one of the best webcomics ever written, the art is amazing and the story is very good, you may be entitled to your own opinion but that does not mean you can give this genius work a 1 out of 5?! seriously there is something seriously wrong with you, I am more than angered at your score. You are not a true reviewer you are just some two bit wise-ass who can’t take the stick out of your ass and realize that this comic is one of the best ever created! Bad dialogue? you are seriously screwed in your head seriously who are you? I would like to know why you hated it so much I mean seriously…a 3 out of 5 I could live with but I am just so angry as to why you gave it that score, please e-mail at so you can please explain it to me


    This is like the cartoon version of 2 Girls, 1 Cup!

    Fucking fuckidy fuck!


  35. ok lets see.. i have a lot to say but i dont whant to write too much, so im telling it short.

    im a fan of this bleedman comic, i agree about it isnt the best, but it isnt the worst…. the preview was too mean,i mean 1 of 5? man this its a 3 of 5, and u can make an “overlook” to my mind but im 100% with bleedman about cruel and stupid ppl etc.

    btw a lot of writing in a comic doesnt make it suck (at least that is what i think)if a comic have lots of writing take ur time to read it (a too short dialogue comic can be more bored), and whats the problem adding cartoon network pjs? the grim tales of billy and mandy are really cool(i agree about bleedman could get a writer)(btw a lot of fan comics sucks too hard) but its a nice work since he had to write and draw.

    btw about mandy with grim, if you know how mandy its, it doesnt result strange, since all that mandy seek its power (whos more powerfull than the grim wife) and it comes with inmortality one of the things that mandy seek, anyway grim was going to take her soul so she didnt haved too many choices(their relationship have the perfect reason)(i agree about mandy and her pants hahahaha)

    i agreed 50% to this overview….thats my opinion

    P.D: man u give the comic 1 of 5, i know artwork isnt all in a comic but u could give the comic 1 star more for the effort he put on that artwork.

    btw i ended writing too much (and i tried to cut it)

    tell me what you think im cheking this page everyday until you do.

    • Thanks for reading my review! I agree that Bleedman’s artwork is nice. However, it’s only one factor. I do end up ranking a lot of webcomics with good artwork low. Applegeeks and VG Cats both got 1 star, for example. I rank comics with nice artwork high, too, such as Lackadaisy and Set to Sea. If I had to compare it to, say, movies, it’s like those Fantastic Four movies: they’re sure pretty to look at, but I would be very hesitant to give it an extra star just because the special effects were pretty, you know?

      I suppose the rest of my issue with Grim Tales hinges of several of the points I mentioned above: how the main characters are rather unpleasant, how the plot doesn’t really come together for me, and how some of the plot elements just seem to have no purpose really.

      Also, perhaps Bleedman is right about cruel and stupid people. However, that opinion is shared by most people. I don’t think that there are many people who would ever say good things about cruel and stupid people.

      • niceee u replied faster, thanks for replying btw i forgot to say something last time, its about the “non-shocking” escenes, its true that some of them didnt shocked but, the one thats minnie get ripped it shock me a little the first time O_o, and the part of the aborted baby, GT isnt a terror comic so those scenes were fine well thats just my opinion (im not easy to shock).

        btw seeing the tough u are at overviews im cheking that comic “Set to Sea” probably it dont wiil let me get out of the pc.

  36. Holy God. Why is it Bleedman’s defenders can’t speak English? If you really want to do your “hero” justice, would it kill you to come up with a reasonably worded argument instead of “ZOMG BLEEDMAN IS TEH AWEZOME! AN U R TEH SUXXORZZSl!!” I’m all for free speech and standing up for what you believe, but you guys sound royally stupid when you do that.

    To the guy who reads this at school: Maybe if you spent more time working on your writing/debate skills than reading this, you wouldn’t sound like such an uneducated tool.

    That said, I’m with the reviewer on this one. Pretty fanart does not make up for horrible, nonsensical writing and pedophilic pandering.

  37. I found Bleedman when I was around a elementary schooler wanting to be an artist. I’d always look at Bleed’s comics to help me with the action poses, but never really read them. Years later I took time to read them and look at the story(GT and PPGD) and I almost cried at the 9/11 part.
    It actually was horribly offending and kinda rude how at the end Grim was like ‘Thanks Mandy! Thanks alot for killing so many people. And thank YOU Bleedman, for giving at least 30% of your fans the biggest middle finger ever!’ And all the throat cutting and the darkness(ABORTION!! Srsly?!) almost made me want to read ‘My Immortal’ by that one Tara chick(almost, just for the lulz)

    Great Review, btw, although I’d give it at least a 2/5 or 3/5

    • Dear Lady,
      I think there is a big misunderstanding in Reaper’s job.
      Grim Reaper is not a killer, He is a collector of the soul or maybe just an escort for the soul. His job is disconnecting soul from the body, cutting the line of life when time has come. – It’s opposite to doctor who cut the cord disconnecting a baby from mother. In the comics Bleedman put Reaper in charge of making plans how to kill and who. Mandy was EVIL and I can accept her making these plans but not for bringing Grim to shape, but for Her own satisfaction. Sort of “Do it Big and Loud” attitude.
      To make these pages was Bleedman’s decision and it is his responsibility, but what bothering me is when people here are complaining about 9-11 part, but accepting death toll from Katrina, Earthquake, Operation Iraqi freedom, or A380 crash. I think this is because Hurricane and Earthquake were Natural disasters and We don’t really care about other people lives.

      – I’m not defending Bleedman for adding these pages into the comics, but once again he is not an American, why should he care about our feelings.

      • I suppose, then, that as an American, I’m ok to use say the earthquake in Haiti as a footnote to my comic because, heck, I’m American… Why should I care about a haitian’s feelings, right? Or maybe it’s in poor taste because no matter what the nationality trivializing human suffering is not a very classy thing to do.

        • I Agree it is a bad taste to use tragic moments in a funny comic or caricature.(This kind of media expected to be made for fun and not appropriate in our customs and culture to illustrate tragic or dramatic events). Once again we are judging him trough our feelings and customs. May be he has something against it or may be it ok in his point of view.

          And as a result these panels brought a lot of criticism to Bleedman. and he posted somewere and explanation why he decided to draw these panels. (He may be already regret to publish them.)

          El Santo, I made my comment to point that we are reacting on something that most painful to us and are completely neutral to other events he put on this panel. I don’t see any complains about Titanic, Nazi, Murder photo with Grim hand making Victory sign. I believe it’s from Korean war , Tsunami plan, Napalm in Vietnam, Zeppelin Disaster, even Pearl Harbor card with “Wish you were here” line and Iraq “Operation Freedom” death toll chart. – All of these illustrations are tasteless black humor but seems to be accepted without notice.

          *to comic artists – One thing to remember – Never use real tragic events in funny comic.
          BAD IDEA

          • you have no taste in literature, it is a grand tactic to use the past to add flavor to the story. you have to admit, bringing in the worst moments in history in the Moissonneur’s diary is very tasteful. of course he’d have things like that recorded

  38. Jesus, what a terrible review! The reviewer really failed to see the point of Bleeman’s style, and I am horrified to think that anyone is going to this person for criticism and review.

    Too many cameos??? Hello!! That’s the point! The story is meant to recast stock characters and give them histories, lives, and a much, much, much bigger universe that is unified and whole. How can you be so stupid as to not get the whole point of the comic! Jesus!

    Bad writing??!! The rhyme and prose that is in this damn comic is such a challenge to write, and the way the reviewer attributed it to listening to MCR too many times shows how the reviewer is incredibly immature and uneducated. The prose is fucking beautiful, and is not, as the comment about MCR implies, shmultzy emo pop-poeticism. THIS IS THE REAL STUFF DAMNIT!!

    Not only that, but Bleedman takes risks. I am glad to see that he goes so far as to conjure up the atrocities of the past in order to really solidify his characters. To be horrified by the content is to miss the point; one should be horrified by the message that the content delivers. What I didn’t like about the story’s use of 9/11 and so forth was that the story didn’t imply that those things were wrong. However, Grim approving of them is a part of his character, and it makes sense with how he reacts. Duh. The abortion business and the semi-incest is gross, but it makes sense within the story.

    To write off the elements of this INCREDIBLE work of art (you rube!!) is an amazing feat of ignorance and poor journalism and criticism. Art needs to be critiqued within its own context, not based on any one person’s opinions and preferences.

    However, this review is really nothing more than, as the reviewer put it: 6.) Sad attempts at shock value. The reviewer is trying to smear this work because the writer really has nothing else to say about it. There is no criticism here, which is hard to pull off because there is so much to say about this work. For example, complaining about the lack of motivation behind Grim’s and Mandy’s relationship?? Idiotic! The motivation is brought up by Mandy herself when she asks, why haven’t you killed me yet? She tests him again by trying to slit her own throat. Again, and again she keeps forcing him to admit to her and himself that Grim cares for her, and Bleedman, incredibly, depicts Mandy forcing Grim to admit his love in a way that only Mandy would: in the most insane and cruel way possible. The reviewer, however, fails to grasp this amazing amount of complexity found in these characters, and chocks it all up to Bleedman’s motive of trying to stimulate through shock. Wow. Didn’t think someone would be able to misread this WORK OF ART as much as this reviewer has, and I really hope that most of the other commentors on this page agree with me (didn’t look over all…45+ comments…) and will be able to judge the comic for themselves, while praying that this reviewer is never allowed to write anything ever again for any respectable site or content evaluation provider.

    Oh, and the “twerps”, are amazingly complex characters that deserve the attention and the focus they get as the story’s main heroes. They are not twerps, they are little kids that have a unique situation that forces them to be unable to really be the children that they should be. Expecting the heroes to not have any flaws is really stupid and shallow, as a story that starts out like that has no point in being made (unless the flaws are revealed or brought on later in the story). Stories are all about conflict, and a conflict has to emerge in a, oh that’s right, a beginning, middle, and end. In the beginning, sure they’re twerps. They’re little gifted kids with a horrible state of being. In the end, we realize they are survivors who are on their way toward becoming the fully realized adults that they were meant to be, but were setback by the conflicts of the story. Once again, duh, and now I will stop myself before I keep writing my outraged protest all night…

    • redfoxx is right. this guy (or whatever he is) is not criticizing the comic, he’s DEGRADING it to the point that it makes no sense at all.

      First of all, it’s darn okay to use little kids as heroes, and it’s a change from all those muscular freaks with undergarments worn the wrong way. Second, the cameos of the different characters are a style to show that every character has a story to tell and we could more or less learn something from them. Third, that comment on Bleedman’s dialogs, man, someone must have really hated his Literature class to say that stuff about the chapter (it was so poetic and it brings out the mood of a horror story). Then, Fourth and final point, GRIM TALES FROM DOWN BELOW HAS A PLOT, and so does Sugar Bits and PPGD.

      BTW, people call it Cartoon Network, regardless of what country they are from. >.>

      • thumbs up i am tired of “those muscular freaks with undergarments worn the wrong way” also

        • Yeah, what is the world coming to that you cannot twist an innocent cartoon into something dark and horrid? and to insult Minnie’s butchered english? that’s what I love about her!(well, that and that absolutely beautiful bow she has)

  39. People are funny when they make fandom their religion, aren’t they?

  40. This review is Wrong,I liked this comic,The artwork,The story,Pretty much all of it is good,This review is…Well….just not right Persay….

  41. I personally had a love/hate relationshipo with thus fanfic, but overall i thought it was very entertaining in an emo kind of way. Although if Jr. wasn’t such a whiny little bitch, the incest, and the horribly blank ending it would have become one of my fav’s

    P.S. Sugar Bits does suck

    and PPGD is awsome, my fav of bleedmans work

  42. This review is a loaded deck, i see absolutely nothing wrong with the story or the artwork. and if GTFDB was so bad, why’d you read far enough to get to the abortion or Seven Sins? And what is wrong with the throat slitting? people cut all the time. and I thought the incest mixed in there was cute

  43. Well, first off:

    Annoying Twerps for Heroes: They’re like 12 years old. They didn’t even know what a Halloween was at the beginning. Junior is supposed to be a wuss, he is a weak character, but when he has to fight he will. Can’t expect a 12 year old, dead or not, to suddenly come up face to face with a killer demon and be all like “Whoo hoo! Let’s kick some ass!” It’s not Final Fantasy. And as for Minnie, it’s called expectation and being spoiled. Only she is a good outcome of being spoiled. She wants to protect her brother, not get into fist fights constantly.

    Too Many Cameos: They’re in hell. It would be stupid if they met 6 cameos through the entire comic. Plus, he incorporated characters everyone loves. It’s like taking every cartoon you loved when you were younger and slapping them together.

    Bad Dialogue: Grim is Jamaican. How the hell do you write that? It’s like trying to write the dialogue of someone who speaks English (England English). And Minnie likes Shakespeare. Sure she might screw it up sometimes, but again, she’s 12.

    No Plot: Minnie dies and Junior goes ape-shit. He’s a walking skeleton, Grim’s Son, and once again, in hell. If you’re not demonic in someway, ape-shit or not, you shouldn’t be in hell. Even Grim could do weird demonic type things if he wanted to. Most of the plot you have down, but the most important thing is, Minnie and Junior love each other and would fight to protect each other until Junior takes the throne.

    Incest: Kinda mind boggled me too. Kinda disturbed me but hey, they’re in hell, or the underworld. At least they’re not screwing like rabbits.

    Sad attempts at shock value: You translate things weird. The Abortion was to give birth to Junior. Mandy slit her throat because she knew she wouldn’t die. I don’t think he was trying to shock us there, common sense plays a roll in it.

    Mind blowing stupidity: Grim is attracted to Mandy because she has no heart. She’s like death himself. She could kill millions of people because she thinks they’re stupid and she’s the only one who’s ever bested him. He probably also likes her because she is the smartest person he’s come across, even smarter then him and level headed. As for 911 and all that, it was a sign that catastrophes are planning out and executed by the work of the Grim Reaper to fill his quotas. He shows Mandy doing it because it’s supposed to show that she can do his job better then he can because of how merciless she can be. And as for her being robotic, no, she just doesn’t care. About anything. Minnie on the other hand, cares about her brother, and that’s it.

    I can’t believe I just re-reviewed this entire thing. Ugh, Grim Tales is a good comic if you don’t study the shit out of it and purposely try to find the flaws.

    • I ams Englands English, so I takes offences at thats. Anyways, whys its hards to writes ans Englands English ors as Jamaicans. The accents maybes, buts yous cans justs forgets abouts the accents. So ha! Anyways, I finds it hards to writes Americans accents. So ha!
      Bys the ways, yes historicals tragedys cans make good backgrounds, buts not so soons, potrayings them as goods things.
      Ands are theys all suicidals? ‘Causes you justs saids thats she slits her throats causes she wouldn’t dies.
      Sos everyones belongs in Hells accordings to yous? Okays, thats nices.
      Incests is not goods things, bys the ways.
      Anyways, I reads throughs abouts chapters ones-twos? Yeahs… ands even the trios founds Juniors annoyings.
      Ughs, I can’ts believes I justs re-re-revieweds mosts of this entires things. Anyways, why doesn’ts Grims Junior likes thats his sisters is in Heavens? Thats makes no senses. Ha! Ha ha ha ha!
      Ohs and alsos yous call its British English. So ha! Ha ha ha ha!
      Okays byebyes now!

    • I think the point of the whole review was to point out while all this could have been executed well, Bleedman failed to do that. You pretty much just explained everything in his comic, but he doesn’t even do that, which makes you wonder what themes and ideas are intentional and have reason and which ones were just randomly jumbled together.

  44. Silverviper2134

    You have no idea how happy I am to find someone who doesn’t love this series. For me, the first thing that made me wish Bleedman had never created this comic was when Junior apparently went emo over his sister being taken to Heaven and ripped out the souls of Lock, Shock, and Barrel, my favorite characters from Nightmare Before Christmas.

    I agree with pretty much everything in this review. The only semi-redeeming quality of it is the art style. Not even the character designs work for plenty of characters.

    At first, I thought Minnie, save her way of talking, was a decent character, and Junior seemed cocky but tolerable. It didn’t take long before I realized Junior is a whiny little crybaby and Minnie was a blantant Mary-Sue.

    Also, loving someone is not a sin, even if you’re related to them. I mean, you can’t help who you fall in love with, so techinally, Minnie should have been allowed into Heaven.

    Finally, my main issue with Junior? He’s a spoiled brat, who at the end of the story gets everything he wants.

  45. Here I am again, almost getting angry with El Santo because of his mean and close-minded analysis of webcomics (which I’m now pretty sure are made that way on purpose. You know, like the “mean judge” from the x-factor and dancing with the stars and all those shows), but if you want to know about my opinion about his opinion, you can just look at my comment in his review of “Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi”.

    Now I’ll just say that I loved this webcomic, and I mean LOVED. It was just great in all aspects (even if I was a bit disturbed by that little kiss, you know the one), and I recommend it to everyone, even if it’s true that Junior begins as (and is for quite a while) a “whinny little bitch”, as I think El Santo so graciously described him.

  46. It seems that I’m late to the party (2 years late, in fact), but still, thank you for writing this review, El Santo! I unironically loved this man’s PPGD (skimped over the dialouge) and before reading this page I had no idea how deplorable he is. I mean, I just got back from reading his ED page, and I feel like I need a shower. HE’S DRAWING HARDCORE PEDO PORN THERE’S NO WAY HE’S NOT A PEDOPHILE. Goddamn, even those softcore, non-nudity pictures are drawn in such a way that you damn know he was touching himself while drawing it. He is a pretty damn amazing artist, I’ll give him that, but between his bizzare writing and sexual proclivity, I simply can not bring myself to watch his comic anymore, not with all the pre-teen girls flashing their panties.

    BTW: “Her left-wing politics got her far as mayor”???? Where, exactly, did the man get the brilliant idea that Mandy is a mewling liberal? I don’t think she fits anywhere on the political spectrum!(But then, all I have watched is Chinese-dubbed version of the show) Can you imagine how the election went down? Mandy, standing behind a podium, her face glowering, eyes staring down at the audience, delivering a speech promising her constituents universal healthcare and enviornmental policies? That would be surreal as hell, Jesus Christ.

  47. beforethinking

    oh my god, you finally articulated all of what bothered me about this comic. I used to read it and stupidly got hooked as a young teen, always got awful feelings after I read it. Never really figured out why, thank you for helping me figure it out.

  48. It’s a YMMV comic. Bleedman does have fairly large fanbase, but at the same time he has an equally large group of haters and a number of readers who could go either way depending on the progression of the comic. El Santo is one of the haters.
    Personally I found the review to be a little harsh. The comic isn’t outright garbage. However, I can agree with others that the plot wanders for a bit too long and levels of wangst are occasionally unbearable. It’s mediocre at worst.
    Bizarrely enough, I wasn’t that bothered by the incest element. Yes it was weird, but it didn’t offend me outright.

  49. Hello I’m Justine and I board that 12 and I AYou I do not these speak well encort englais.
    And one day I board my view unfortunately these Grim Tales in English and I wonder why this board not in French?

  50. While I do enjoy Bleedman’s comics, I like them for different reasons. 😛

    The main reason is because I loved them while I was like 13. As I grew older I noticed the flaws in his work but I still like it because it gave me inspiration. No matter how bad anything is, as long as it has given me inspiration I am very thankful for it. I always become a bit sad when people suddenly hate on bleedman when they used to be such big fans of his, especially when they’re artists. If they don’t like bleedman anymore that’s ok but then they comment saying “He’s overrated” or “I HATE BLEEDMAN”, it makes me wonder “why hate someone who has given you inspiration, who has helped grow your passion for art?” But meh, that’s just me.

    I also enjoy it because of how bad the writing is. o 3 o
    I take delight in reading comics with terrible writing(unless if it’s extremely disturbing or boring) It encourages me to create a comic one day that’s 100x better. :B

    I find it funny that many extremely popular shows, books, etc. are the ones with many flaws(well from my view) Maybe it’s just the idea of it that makes people love it. Maybe it’s the creator himself, maybe it’s the visuals, who knows? As many flaws as it has, as long as hundreds of people enjoyed it, it’s not that bad.

    I give grim tales credit for gaining so many fans. 😛 I can only dream of having as many supporters and fans as him. <XD Over all it's an ok comic.

    Anyways I really enjoy your reviews. Hopefully one day if I produce a comic of my own, I would like to have you(or someone like you) to take a look at it and tell me what you think. I welcome criticism with open arms. :3

  51. To be honest, when I first found Bleedman’s comics I liked them, it was only after finding you reviews that I looked back upon what I’ve just read and realised how stupid the whole thing was. Despite that I’ ve been following his comics since that, just to see where it goes. And to my surprise, looking back on the recent history of his three projects, I must say, that they did get BETTER… well… somewhat better. Let’s say all 3 comics are in the 2 star area now. Pages still come out slow as hell though.

  52. 1 star out of 5 ?!?! Serously ? I mean I know that Grim Tales has many bad sides , but I have been following Grim Tales from the beginning and I would lie if I said that I didn’t enjoy it . It’s not the best thing ever and it doesn’t need to be praised , but I think you were a bit harsh and you could have shed some light on the good sides of the comic , as it clearly has some , if it hadn’t it would have that amount fans out there . You seem like you’re verry “chernogled” as it is said in my language as I can’t find a better word to describe you , either way thank you for writing your review, I’m happy to see that there’s more than the mindless mob of fandom out there .

  53. Wow… Readin’ those old replies… It’s true what they say: Bleedman’s fans are the worst.

  54. Perhaps your rating was a little too harsh–I personally think 2 out of 5 stars is more fitting ^^. But in a nutshell you got it.

    However, I think I’m more put off not by the poor real-world references or cameos, but more of the loss of the characters’ originality. In some ways a few of the characters included in the comic retained who they were, but overall Bleedman just took a bunch of characters, tossed them around in a salad bowl, and saw who he pulled out to play which part. That goes for his couples also: Although creative, make it actually believable.

    I guess what I’m basically trying to say is that if you’re trying to make a fanfiction, keep the main attributes of the characters instead of changing them for your own amusement. (Because any real fans will not share that.) On top of that, no one likes a Mary-Sue OC–especially TWO OF THEM–to be the main characters. VERY disappointing.

    On the other hand, I did enjoy his art for a short time, but after a while it does seem to get redundant. But that might have just been the dialogue killing my brain. Oh yeah, Bleedman was able to get a laugh from me: Mandy and Nergal Jr.? Especially in an affair? Even when I was in kindergarten and had no knowledge of love, the Grim Adventures made it clear that was never going to happen.

    And if you are someone who likes Grim Tales, more power to you. I’m not saying it’s worthless, it’s just not my style. I like more sophistication and explanation and a lot less pointlessness.

  55. wow there’s so much hate on this web-comic now I want to check it out to see for my self if it’s as bad as you said it is.

    • well it was entertaining for the most part but the 911 part did pull me out of the immersion but for the most part I did like it and your review looks more a one sided so may I ask if your review bast solely on your view or do you have some type of system that you railroaded. true I have not read a lot when it come to web comics do to this would be about the 8th or 9th one I have read I would say grim tails is a safe 3/5 true the story is lackluster but the art is good and I liked the cameos from other cartoons making it fell like a cartoon world. “so you can see how the 911 part ruined a part of it for me.” I could have worded this better and longer with better details but I don’t feel like doing that right now.

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  58. This is my first time hearing of this ‘Grim Tales’ comic. I grew up watching Cartoon Network and all, but this is pretty new to me and rather unexpected. After reading the opinions and what not. I have some questions. Is this worth reading? Is this a waste of my time? Please help me out with the answers. Thanks.

  59. Lots of butthurt pedophiles here.

  60. This page and most of this comment section should be called “dish on someone who is just making a story that he likes” i mean SERIOUSLY don’t any of you have anything better to do than bash on someone’s hard work

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